Favourite iteration of the CCL boat ride (currently Alton Towers Dungeon)?

Discussion in 'Talbot Street' started by Matt N, 30th Mar 2019.


Which iteration of the CCL boat ride is your favourite?

  1. Around the World in 80 Days (1981-1993)

  2. Toyland Tours (1994-2005)

  3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2006-2015)

  4. The Alton Towers Dungeon (2019-present)

  1. WillPS

    WillPS TowersStreet Member

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    Mystery solved. Thank you!
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    Posted 8th Apr 2019
  2. AltonTowersNerd

    AltonTowersNerd TowersStreet Member

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    I used to love Toyland Tours it was my best an’ fav ride before it was scrapped into Willy Wonka’s Factory, it had that wonderful charming soundtrack that echoed when you walked up it. “Doodododooo” (my impression of the music), I do miss the colourful boat ride but it’ll always be remembered.

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  3. Themeparksandy1981

    Themeparksandy1981 TowersStreet Member

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    I didn’t go to Alton Towers for the 1st time to August 1993 and Around the world in 80 days had already closed ready for Toyland tours the following year.
    Toyland tours was the best ride and the queues for it was massive for the 1st few seasons but I remember in 1994 the park was very busy with Nemesis. All day I only got on Nemesis (3 hr queue,Toyland had over a hour and the new beast and 1001 nights) The soundtrack was the best and so suited for the ride and area.
    Charlie and the chocolate factory now I know many fans were let down cause it was based off the book instead of neither movie. The queue was so slow moving as many times only 1 lift worked so had to wait ages sending empty boats around.
    The factory part looked very poor when it first opened but they did add more things in the juicing room and mirror maze. The lifts were the best part but wasn’t long enough.
    The dungeons not done but as I only go to the towers once a year I have no plans to pay to get into anyway.
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  4. Matgo

    Matgo TowersStreet Member

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    I don't know if I'm just looking at it through rose tinted specs but I always remember Toyland Tours being far better than any POV video implies. It was an overwhelming assault of colour and music and as someone said, with each ride you'd always see something you hadn't seen before.
  5. QTXAdsy

    QTXAdsy TowersStreet Member

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    Kingdom of Fife
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    Black Hole
    Having only done Toyland and Charlie, Toyland is by far the better ride overall, Charlie's problem was the budget being slashed thus making it a poorer ride overall; the fact that such a poor ride replaced such a beloved ride didn't exactly help matters.

    I will remember when I first went on CatCF in 2007 was my sister being hyped up for it even though I and her boyfriend (now husband) warned her that, even then, I had heard poor things about it. It's the one dark ride that to this day that is all a blur to as every dark ride I go has one memorable thing for me, Charlie did not.

    My sister's displeasure after the ride was hilarious though with her saying that waited for that, me and her husband find the story funny after all this time! :p

    Anyway, I must take nostalgia glasses off for TT and I will admit that in its later years it was looking dated and did need a revamp of some kind, something that would've been cheaper that Charlie overall. Makes you think what if things had gone different...
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  6. jon81uk

    jon81uk TowersStreet Member

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    My key memories of a visit back in 1994 when I was 12, are hearing Walking on Sunshine being performed live on the stage that was where Woodcutters Grill is now and the Toyland Tours Music. We rode Toyland Tours and then got some burgers next door and that music just drove us insane, I remember my mum hating it!
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  7. pluk

    pluk TowersStreet Member

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    It's a shame they got rid of Around the World in 80 days, if it was still about in 2004 they could have given it a horrific Jackie Chan / Steve Coogan overlay.

    I voted ATWI80D as I have the fondest memories of it, but having watched back the videos of them both I'd say TT was an objectively better ride and one which absolutely could have remains fresh and relevant if it were kept up to date. It's timeless in its premise.

    CATCF is still a stinking turd. I'd love to know if any of the 7 voters for it rode either of the prior incarnations? Would be astounded if they did!
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  8. Matt N

    Matt N TowersStreet Member

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    Forest of Dean
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    Mako (SeaWorld Orlando)
    I am one of the CATCF voters you are referring to, and unfortunately, I never got to ride TT or ATWI80D, nor have I experienced ATD. So it is the only incarnation of the ride system I’ve ever ridden.

    However, I must say I did rather like CATCF! I have many incredibly fond memories of riding it with my mum when I wasn’t tall enough to ride the big rides, and even when I was, I still enjoyed the occasional ride on it! I remember it having lots of nice theming, and I remember finding the elevator simulator really cool!

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