Favourite theme park entrance experiences?

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    I've never seen this before. I've only ever seen the main entrance to Efteling which looked like a decent entrance. I agree that this thing looks terrifying. As a kid I think I would have found it both scary and exciting at the same time.
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    Posted 5th Oct 2021
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    Air / Blue Fire
    Can I nominate a park that hasn't opened yet? Legoland Korea.

    Here's the park as it appears right now. It looks to be quite a stunning location on an island in the middle of Uiamho Lake. But it's the bridge that's caught my attention:


    To reach the park people have to pass through this massive "portal". At night it lights up (making the portal illusion really come to life) And a few concept images online suggest it will have Lego branding on once the park is open.


    That's got to be a pretty cool first impression!
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