First Alton Towers Ride?


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Think Mine was Nemesis. Quite an extreme one to start with as I was 13 at the time and never been on an coaster that went upside down.
i don't remember my first ride but i remember my first visit

it was a school trip around 1987

i remember q'ing for what seemed like forever to get on the corkscrew,black hole and congo rapids

at the end of the day instead of going back to our coach me and my mates noticed the park was rather empty....and being the errr... rebel types shall we say we decided it was a good opportunity to to get in as many rides as possible before the park closed!

this plan went very well until we saw a very angry looking teacher and we got dragged back to our now very late coach

we got detention for about two months after that:D


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My family tradition was to always start on the teacups (mauraders mayhem)and even now I head straight for those to start off the day :D

First coaster would probably either be the runaway minetrain or the mini apple coaster.
can't remember a specific first ride but always remember visiting the year air opened for my dad and had to sit for hours while he queued up and went on I was too small at the time I would have been around 7 at the time. I have fond memories of the towers particularly the log flume, squirrel nutty, storybook land bookworm and barney live on stage. I also remember being petrified on hex and the ghost train...good memories. Last year, I took my partner for the first time and enjoyed it all again, something special about going on a ride with someone who has never experienced it before as brings back the excitement you once had. Always have had good weekends away at the towers and will always have a special place for me.


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Wow, I cant really recall what my first ride at Towers would have been.... it was back in 93..... ummm...... at a guess it may have been Corkscrew given that was THE ride to go on!