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Galactica: General Discussion

Not many of us would want have the exact 2002-2015 version of air, not even me. I'd much rather have air come back with more theming and rock work like what was attended in its original concept art.
I rode Galactica for the first time in a few years yesterday. Was smooth but still uncomfortable and not my favourite.
What was the thinking with boxing in the footbridge to the left hand station? It's bloody horrible in there.

Also are staff now afraid of breaking it? After an annoying 1 train queue (which I shouldn't have bothered with tbh) I got bounced from the ride because they couldn't get the restraint down. I'm used to them applying a little pressure on the restraint to get an extra click but when I asked them to do that they refused saying they might break it if they press down. I'm a big boy (height wise as well as lard) but I've lost some weight from my last visit (couldn't fit on Smiler or Oblivion last time but managed those fine this time) so was surprised to be walk of shame'd on there.

Whole thing looks bloody knackered as well.
Here’s a crazy thought….anyone else think that Air would’ve worked better over in Ug Land at the time it was built? Could’ve been themed around the flight of a pterodactyl or something.

This would’ve obviously changed a lot about the park in terms of other coaster placement, but it’s just a random thought I’ve just had!
What parts of the ride or area would you guys like to see have more air-like theming around? I'm more than happy to do some more concept art for it in my spare time.
I have wondered if you all remember the rumours of something being built in the carpark behind Air which honestly I almost forgot about it thanks to project horizon.

If Air was to return, I'd like to see them not only have it more themed but actually that area of the park towards the carpark could actually be cut off from FV to create its own area as in a more expanded version of the Oasis theme in which I have always thought could be the other end of the sword of what FV looked liked before Nemesis caused chaos with Air being the force that protects the land from Nemesis' evil and you could play up the good vs evil theming of what might have been intended when Air was first built. Not sure if this might cause another Rita moment regards to looking out of place but then again if we'll themed I guess we'd all look the other way.

I strongly suspect if that land on the car park is to be used then I have no doubt that Air/Galactica will be incorporated into that area and we might see something there. But in the meantime, give the damn thing a good clean and maybe a lick of paint!
Worst part of the ride of me is "Spittle alley", aka the brake run. If you get stopped there for a while hanging whatever you do "Don't look down"...
Earlier over in the Nemesis thread, I had an interesting thought about Galactica that I thought might be worthy of discussion: https://towersstreet.com/talk/threa...osed-for-retracking.5260/page-157#post-394227

My thought was that with Galactica’s VR (the pivotal reason for the space retheme) now being a thing of the past and the ride being shown to look somewhat worse for wear towards the end of 2022, I did wonder whether Galactica might receive a retheme or any kind of work to go alongside the Nemesis retrack.

Forbidden Valley will be in the limelight again in 2024 with Nemesis reopening, and based on their past form, I’d be surprised if Merlin didn’t take the opportunity to do some work to the rest of Forbidden Valley. I wouldn’t necessarily be surprised if this did include some form of Galactica retheme to fit in with the new story of Nemesis. Merlin has form for retheming existing rides to fit in with new attractions (for instance, Rita did receive a light retheme to fit into Dark Forest), and if the work was thrown in alongside the Nemesis retrack project, it would negate the issue of a Galactica retheme not being marketable (which would be an issue if the project were standalone).

What do you guys think? I moved my tangent over here to try and keep the Nemesis thread on-topic.