Have we passed the golden age of theme parks?


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Been pricing up a trip to California and I don't think I'll be complaining about expensive UK park entries anytime soon. :confused:
Don't worry too much, it's a bit like someone from the US looking at the Alton Towers website and being offended by the pricing.

With SFMM and Knotts, we got in for $40 or so, the former using a voucher on a Coke can and the latter by buying from the hotel.

That said, as both chains push toward membership, the cheap one day admissions are perhaps going to become more scarce.


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It's interesting that when Nemesis opened, it made it onto the main News spots. I don't think that happens anymore? I wonder why new roller coasters opening are no longer seen as the same kind of major news story. Is it that the news channels got so bombarded with meaningless publicity stunts, that it becamse like the boy who called wolf and news outlets got fed up with the theme parks constantly claiming they'd got an interesting story? Is it that since the Smiler accident exciting new rides no longer fit the narrative the media's trying to tell about theme parks? Is it that because attendance has declined at places like Alton Towers, their new rides no longer feel like such significant stories?
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