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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Olly, 20th Jun 2012.

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    If you could have promoted each ride at Alton Towers, such as advert campaigns, posters and promotional offers, how would you have done it, in order to induce maximum interest?
    What would you have done differently, or what would you have added?

    For example, for TH13TEEN, on the minisite a 'webcam' of the construction site would be shown post-watershed, which would show a variety of pre-rehearsed scenes, in a 'Paranormal Activity esque' fashion. For instance, the viewer would 'watch' the Dark Forest area shrouded in darkness amidst a storm, and every few minutes the Thirteen Girl could be seen in her trance like state, eerily walking through the forest.
    A few scares could have been thrown in, too.

    Although the ride itself was far from scary ::), I feel from a promotional point of view the horror theme worked well, so this could have worked well.
    Posted 20th Jun 2012
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    If I were in charge I just wouldn't have themed Thirteen as it is now at all. It's proffered as a psychologically thrilling, intense, scary experience but it's meant to be a family ride. The whole thing is a juxtaposition which has caused the rides' downfall - people expect it to be better than it is. I would have marketed and themed it in a more lighthearted fashion, perhaps emphasising the freefall element without revealing what it was.
    Posted 21st Jun 2012
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    Sub-Terra as it is, with a few screaming instead of the TH13TEEN-esque whispering to emphasize more on fer would of been fine for me. Other than that, many of Alton's adverts/marketing have been perfect.
    Posted 21st Jun 2012
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    Of all the campaigns air's has to be my favourite, followed closely by Oblivion's. I liked the idea of having teaser adverts to create a buzz.


    On a side note, everything seems to be deep rooted in the world of celebrity at the moment - I use the word 'celebrity' loosely. I'd be surprised if Merlin hadn't approached the producers of shows like TOWIE and come to an arrangement in which one of their major attractions (Alton/Thorpe) is featured on the show.
    Posted 23rd Jun 2012

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