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Mini Meet Hyde Park Winter Wonderland (Dec 3rd - 4th)

How many days for the meet?

  • Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th

    Votes: 3 37.5%
  • Friday 2nd to Saturday 3rd

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • Saturday 2nd to Sunday 4th

    Votes: 4 50.0%

  • Total voters


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Over the first weekend of December (3rd - 4th) - so it's not too close to fireworks or new year - I was wondering how people might fancy booking an apartment or two as near to central London as possible then...

Saturday: sights + museums day, Winter Wonderland from 3:00pm (meet at the entrance or across the road from Hyde Park Corner tube station), bars til late
Sunday: rides during the day whilst it's quiet (10am to lunch maybe?), a bit more sightseeing then home early evening

With Olympia Looping making its first appearance in the UK in history to help mark the event's 10th anniversary, it seems this year it's going to be the biggest and best event yet! There's also Wilde Maus XXL, the Hangover (tallest travelling drop tower on the planet), a plethora of white knuckle flats and all the beer, pretzels, waffles, smoked salmon, mulled wine, bratwurst, booze and sweets you could ever need! :p

Naturally any soche wouldn't be complete without a few drinks, so for bars:
Sky Garden's Sky Pod Bar - possibly the best bar with a view in the city
Mr Fogg's (any) or Seymour's Parlour - something old-fashioned / something actually old fashioned
Queen of Hoxton - rooftop garden with live music
Beaver Lodge - old American ranch-themed
Brooklyn Bowl London - bowling and booze
Po Na Na or Beduin - Moroccan-themed
Bavarian Beer House or Bodo's Schloss - because German bier
Kona Kai - tiki-themed
The Escapologist - themed to the HQ of a secret ancient order, haha!

Interested in the event:

Interested in just WW:
Chris and Nat

Maybe (baby):

Cheers! :)
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I'll be there, probably not for the whole thing but definitely at some point. Might as well make my first ride of the year a Schwarzkopf!
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I can do the last weekend in November - the first weekend is already fully booked with Xmas parties :)
Unfortunately I'm working overnights throughout the winter (22:00-10:00) including those dates. However, I may be able to show my face before work. Depends how knackering they turn out to be! (I won't know 'til they start).

Don't let this inlfuence your choise of date though, I will no doubt be visiting multiple times when I can squeeze it in. ;)
I'm up for this, if it's the first weekend in December
Seems a couple of others are already interested in this weekend too + accommodation is cheaper so I think the first weekend of December it shall be!
Seems a couple of others are already interested in this weekend too + accommodation is cheaper so I think the first weekend of December it shall be!

I could potentially squeeze in a few rides in the afternoon/early evening :)
I'm definitely interested in this, especially if it's the last weekend of November. I obviously don't need accomodation and all that stuff :p Can't 100% confirm though until you release the details Machin :)
I'm there with former work colleagues in November so am unlikely for this.

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Updated the first post with more details (those going, bars, specific date, etc...)!

How many are interested in doing one or two days? I'll add a poll. :)
Turns out it's our annual team visit to Tenby the following week, so I probably won't be able to make it after all.
Ah nuts! :(

Btw I see a few want it just over the weekend so specific meeting times in the fair will be put up once we know for sure who'll be there. :)