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Layout Geek League, 2015-16

Woohoo! I have to ask, where on Earth did you find a plan of it?

I'd never managed to find it either, yet somehow as soon as you mentioned it earlier, I did a google image search and there it was?


Courtesy of 'phantafriends.de'

Even from the layout you can tell it's boring!!

As for yours, not the foggiest! :p
Yep, found it doing a quick google image search.

Anyway, for the latest one, I'm going to say Anaconda at Gold Reef City.
Massive Deja Vu with that one - has someone done it before? (that's not to say I know what it is yet...)
I'd like to think he is spending every spare waking moment frantically searching RCDB and looking at Google maps, refusing to be beaten.

I still have no Idea. It looks like a [REDACTED] kind of layout to me (like I'm going to give away the only clue I have!) But I can't find one that matches.
I was just about to suggest it might be clue time. Five points to Rupert, and your go mate.
I was just about to suggest it might be clue time. Five points to Rupert, and your go mate.

Whilst we're on the subject, what are the rules on clue giving? Does a clue have to be requested? Is there a guideline number of days before a clue is offered?

We can't just have clues being dished out willy-nilly! There are points at stake after all.
A good point. I'd say first of all, if no one gets it, and people start asking for clues (especially those of us that are good at this game). Or maybe if no one answers for, say, four days? What do you think?
I'm happy with that. The only suggestion I might make is reducing the number of days for subsequent clues ie, 4,3,2,1 but that might over-complicate things. The beauty of this game is its simplicity.
That could get a bit complicated, yes. After all, not everyone checks the forum every day. Shall we say clues when requested, or after three days with no answer?