Layout Geek League 2016-17


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Here you go!

Similar disclaimer to one I've had before - I've traced reputable satellite imagery for this, which may mean there are slight skews on my trace that don't reflect the actual coaster.


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Favourite Ride
The Metropolitan Line
Right, the lines are now closed!

There seems to be very little point in a swanky build up to the result this year, so without further ado, the winner is quite obviously @Rob, with 77 points!
Second place goes to @Sammy with 48 points.

The remaining scores look like this:

@RussellH: 19 points
@Rick: 8 points
@DiogoJ42: 5 points
@Bear: 4 points
@Marcus: 3 points

Congratulations to our new geek overlords. Your @Kelpie Custom sig banners are on their way.

Now scrape yourselves off your sofas, hose yourselves down, get out there and ride some coasters!
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