Let's Design a Theme Park! (The Chessington Challenge)

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    I have recently been working on a map for a fictional animal park to put on my website. Whilst nearing the end of the project, I thought why not use this as a base from which to develop a fictional theme park. It's a situation similar to Chessington Zoo's transformation into Chessington World of Adventures.

    Rather than just doing the whole thing myself, I thought it would be more fun to throw the design process open to the TST community. The idea is that for each phase of the project, members submit their proposals, then the most original and exciting ideas become the park's next development. The medium of the proposals can be anything: Sketches, Drawings, 3D Models, NoLimits, RCT 1,2 or 3, Layout diagrams etc. The work doesn't have to be a masterpiece so long as it adequately gets across your idea.

    Assuming anyone actually likes this idea and people do respond with their concepts, I will update the map each time a new development is agreed upon. For each phase, I will set a budget and offer some information concerning the park's current visitor demographic and customer feedback trends. There may also be some news articles documenting events that could influence the park's future.

    What would be truly fantastic is to have an exchange of ideas and maybe even a voting process to determine which concepts are carried forwards. If it catches on, there may also be a need for logos, posters or even music.


    So, I introduce to you Sunnyside Wildlife Park, a small animal park set in the grounds of Sunnyside Hall. The attraction has been in existence since 1989 when the house's owners opened a petting zoo to create some additional income for their struggling estate. Since then, the park has grown into a profitable business housing over 40 species of animals from across the world. Now, the owners want to widen the park's appeal by adding some rides. They have a long term view to becoming a fully fledged theme park and one of the UK's leading tourist attractions. The park has secured a significant financial investment and TST have been enlisted to create a master plan outlining the park's growth strategy.

    Here is a map of the park as it exists today (Click on image for larger version):


    From the map, I created a rough plan that shows the layout of the park in full as well as some of the surrounding area. Feel free to use it as a resource for showing any development ideas:



    All of the land in the image above belongs to the estate and can be developed, including the farm buildings to the West of the site. There is a public road that runs along the current site's Northern boundary which could cause complications for future expansion.

    The areas outlined in red are protected structures or landforms and cannot be touched. The lake (outlined in purple) is also protected although some small developments may be considered by the local authorities. The most important factor in any decision is that sightlines from the lakeside to the house are preserved.

    For the first few seasons at least, the number of animals in the park must be maintained. The figure may even grow in the future depending on the direction that the park goes. Animal enclosures can be reworked or relocated to make way for new developments.

    New rides must be models that are currently available in the real world. If a second-hand ride is bought, there must be an example available on the real used ride market.

    The park is situated close to the village of Grumblestone, notorious for the conservative views of its residents. The village committee recently opposed the construction of a telegraph pole on the grounds that it was unsightly and threatened their very way of life. They may not like the idea of tall or noisy developments or an increase in traffic. However, I'm sure that once the economic benefits are explained, they'll be in universal support of the park. It's probably nothing to worry about.

    Phase 1

    -For the first year of development, a budget of 7 million pounds has been made available. This covers rides and theming.

    -The park wants to make steps towards establishing itself as a theme park destination as well as an animal attraction. This may require a rebrand of the park.

    -The park currently attracts mostly families with young children.

    -Customer feedback indicates that guests want more attractions and animal exhibits. Currently, there is not enough to take up a full day.

    -The press is currently unaware of the park's expansion plans.

    I look forward to seeing your ideas!
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