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Mardi Gras & Oktoberfest 2021


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This May join us in getting the summer VIBES going with the brand-new Alton Towers Mardi Gras! This Carnival inspired takeover will dazzle you with an explosion of colours, sounds, high energy entertainment and so much more! Not forgetting that you will have the chance to ride our thrilliant world-class rollercoasters and fantaboulous family faves as the sun goes down (starts going down – into the sunset) as well as try some utterly delicious food from around the world. Don’t miss out!

Mardi Gras will run from 22nd May - 20th June.
Oktoberfest will also return and will run from 11th September - 3rd October.
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Another new event and the return of Oktoberfest - excellent! To me this is more exciting than a potential smaller scale new ride, the park has been so desperate for more events and finally we are getting them. Mardi Gras is a very good idea.
That's cool, the Mardi Gras event starts the weekend I'm hoping to go to Towers. Current close is 5pm but I expect that will be extended soon now the event has been announced. Sunset rides would be awesome! :)
As an occasionally god bothering mister pedantic here, could I point out that this is really a carnival, Mardi Gras is a lenten feast, and we are going to be about three months out on Shrovetide.
Nit pick over.
Sounds good.
As you were.
Very interesting, this seems like it could offer some really unique food and drink similar to Universal's event. I think this'll create a really good atmosphere in the park for the entire season, given that there will pretty much constantly be something going on.
Oktoberfest last year was an amazing event and effort by all so I'd imagine Mardi Gras to be the same! Great news!
So what’s the Mardi Gras event about? I’m all for festivities, and think it’s great that events are back on the cards after years of doing nothing, but Mardi Gras is a festival in February - it literally means “Fat Tuesday” i.e. Shrove Tuesday
I’m not going to get heated on the name, it looks a bit like a food and drink festival. Really good to see more events coming in.
Pardon my ignorance but before reading your comments today I had no idea what Mardi Gras was actually about. I’d always assumed it was just a big colourful party like Notting Hill, but less chaotic.

You learn something new everyday!
Busch Gardens Tampa do a Mardi Gras event every year. It’s largely a vibrant and colourful food & drinks festival with live music and a parade.
It’s defintiely just being used as a theme in this instance, obviously it wouldn’t be practical to hold a Carnival themed event in February , regardless of lockdown. Across US culture it’s normal to see Mardi Gras featured outside of February anyway . There’s a string of clubs named Fat Tuesdays , and many Theme Parks have New Orleans themed areas that celebrate Mardi Gras year round.

It’s something new and exciting and gives a unifying theme and branding story for the event to follow :)
It's also worth mentioning that Sydney's Pride event is known as Mardi Gras, and takes place in early March. Similar time of year to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, but thousands of miles away.
Two new events two years in a row- very good stuff from towers. I remember as a kid there always seemed to be so much more events happening at AT than there was once I was old enough to enjoy them, so now I'm super excited for the events this year and hopefully in years to come
The proof will be in the pudding. Early concerns are the fact they had to define sunset in brackets. But on those dates in previous years, we'd be expected to feel greatfull with 4pm park closures, let alone opening at all! The name doesn't matter to me, the fact they're having a summer event does.

I just hope there's pancakes.

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The proof will be in the pudding.

I just hope there's pancakes.

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Pun intended?

Jokes aside, I think this is a brilliant idea however really they need to announce more than just event names. People want to know what the opening hours are, what will be open, what these new rides that are rumoured will be, what will the height restrictions be.