Monster Hunter World (PS4)

Discussion in 'Box Office' started by Error, 5th Feb 2018.

  1. Error

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    So Monster Hunter is out and it's a fantastic edition to the consoles.

    If anyone else has the game on PS4 and wants to party up hit me up.

    Gamer tag: Splinty2k.

    Edit. I forgot to mention, leave me a message of who you are and that your from Towerstreet.
    Posted 5th Feb 2018
  2. Tuggerz

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    I'm waiting for the PC release right now.

    Is it any good? I've recently been playing through Zelda:BOTW, is there much of a comparison to make from them?
    Posted 25th Feb 2018
  3. Error

    Error TowersStreet Member

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    I haven’t played BOTW so I can’t really compare to it.

    If you love the grind for loot/materials to make awesome armour/weapons (let’s face it japan love their extravagant weapons and armour)
    Then you will love this.

    The lands are lush and vibrant with plenty of stuff to collect but the main aspect is following tracks to that monster you need them materials from for that weapon or armour (or the whole set)

    The game is very, very addictive with tonnes of quests to do and even tho you could be grinding the same monster (literally 100s of times) it never gets boring.
    Posted 28th Feb 2018

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