New Flat Rides At Alton?


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They may not be thrilling but I find Dogems to be a fun social ride, you can really have a laugh on them with friends going out of your way to be a pain in the butt to them. Also had some pretty fun times at fun fairs after a few drinks on them, felt like I was zooming round, all the colourful neon lights everywhere, the extra long cycle they gave us, it was pretty fantastic.


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The Metropolitan Line
I've not done Thorpe's but Chessington's are so slow they are practically in reverse.


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I've not done Thorpe's
To be honest, went on the Thorpe Park ones about a week ago because of one person in our group didn't like the big rides. They are Angry Birds ones. They would be better if there was more space, there were to many cars in a small area but you can get some speed up on them.


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I have been in agony all day with a stiff sore neck. Can hardly move my head.
Couldn't think why I would be in so much pain.
And then this.
Yes I went in King Pigs Dodgems at Thorpe on Monday.
Whip lash !
They need to be banned !


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When it rains in Blackpoo (all the time) and the metal floor on the dodgems gets wet, you can get the tail "out" and whack people with great force with your rear end.
No end of fun, especially after a couple of pints, my favourite flat ride.


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Steel Vengeance
The only thing worse than dogems is football themed dogems.

I have to disagree, Angry Birds themed dodgems are far worse!

Anyway we're drifting slightly off topic. I do enjoy dodgems but would not welcome them at Towers. I'd love Towers to get some form of gyro swing but cannot see it happening for a variety of reasons.



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I think Towers will want to avoid 'people get whiplash on horror car crash ride'. I hate dodgems anyway.

I still think Towers should use the low-medium investment years as a time to add a flat or two. It adds a nice stop gap between the main attractions and they can be cheap, which allows decent money to be spent on theming. Easy to market too, it's been said many times on this forum, you don't need world's first this or world's first that to draw in guests, people will visit regardless because there's something NEW. Sure it doesn't have the same grab as a new coaster, but then that's the point of the low-medium investment years. A quieter season with something smaller on offer as new.

If the kids are getting a flat in 2017 why can't we get one? *grumbles*


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The Giant Squid
Huss Booster or Mondial Shake Towers. Oi. Put it where Ripsaw was. Listen to us please


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-S&S Screaming Swing in place of Blade.
-A new Pirate Ship near Mutany Bay the remander of the Splash Battle lake.
-Huss Brake Dance (ala Dynamo) in Dark Forrest.
-Huss floorless Top Spin in Dark Forrest (make it affects heavely to hide the scaffold on Thi3treens building).
- Mondal Top Scan in X Sector in submissions spot.


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Having just ridden Air at Hull Fair, Zierer Star Shape please. Not sure if it would work due to the height though.:p


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Some flats can be really tacky though, so I certainly wouldn't want one just for the sake of having one. I'd rather not have anything that'd look like it's come from a travelling fair. A topscan would be good (although only in theory, as they're often run on lousy settings at theme parks).


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I don't know where all this flat ride snobbery came from but flats have as much of a place in theme parks as coasters or dark rides. In fact, I'd say they're essential to help soak up crowds and to provide a bit of variety in ride experience.

I find the argument that flats make theme parks look like travelling fairs totally bizarre. No one looks at Talocan and says "This place looks like a grubby fairground, I shan't be coming here again!"

Fairs and parks are very closely linked. They are part of the same industry. For over a century there have been rides that exist in both permanent amusement parks and at travelling fairs and this has never bothered anyone until now.

If there were no flats in theme parks, we would be missing out on a huge variety of rides. Can you imagine theme parks without classics like Ferris wheels, carousels, teacups, pirate ships and wave swingers? Not to mention the rich assortment of spin rides available.

I don't think anyone's saying that Alton should install a ride with a light package that can be seen from Mars, German techno blasting from its speakers and a medley of unlicensed characters staring at you from its backflash. It would obviously need to be themed appropriately.