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    Hi still not been yet but found cheap flights for October half term but unfortunately this year the half term falls over Oct 31 , the dates I was looking at where around 29 Oct (tues) till 2nd nov (sat) but I’m guessing it would be busy?? But how busy?? We are a family with two kids 1.2m and 1.4m , thanks
    Posted 16th Jul 2019
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    I am sure the Europa experts will be along soon to confirm (or give you the right answer if I am wrong) but I think that time of year is literally as busy as it gets. So very!
    Posted 16th Jul 2019
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    I would expect it to be very busy yes. October 31st is usually one of the busiest days of the year at Europa-Park (it is the one day of the 2019 season where the closing time is at least 8.30pm).

    Would I recommend these dates for your first visit? I'd say that it's not ideal, there will be queues (although these will be manageable most of the time and they will move) however the park does struggle with food on the busier days with fairly long waits at popular outlets.
    Posted 17th Jul 2019

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