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    Not written a TR for a long, long time, but have some time in work, so thought I would lol!

    Went up for the traditional opening day gathering. Park was surprisingly quiet for opening day, infact, out of all the years I have been going, it was probably the quietest I have seen it.

    Gates opened into the park at 9 to the chorus of Mr Sandbrooke getting the crowd worked up lol. However, annoying, for people waiting in the pre-booked tickets queue, these didnt open until 9.15. I hope during busier periods Alton will open these earlier so people have chance to do ERT.

    By the way, no ERT checks took place whatsoever and everyone regardless could go on whatever they wanted. The park itself looks good, was clean, spruced up in certain areas, and the staff were very friendly and helpful.

    Managed to do all the rides during the day with no rush and no queues. Infact, some rides were waiting for riders before being dispatched. Oblivion looks good with its new paint job, though some of the ride cars with the tatty restraints spoil it. The Smiler looks absolutely insane, its going to be a very intense ride when you see how tight some of the bends are on it.

    Nemesis was running well, though no blood water which was turned off towards the end of last year. Sub Terra was running ok, I noticed the panels caving in within the lift were more prominent this time, didnt notice it last year.

    Air was running well, though there is a lot of black stuff over the track near the maintenance building. Someone threw up on the car on the other side of us which made one hell of a mess in the station! Que the staff with full on face masks and goggles!!

    Duel was a bit disappointing, lots of things not working, bits missing off the characters inside, though the new white and black floor in the dining room looked good.

    Got soaked on the rapids, and then forgot about the water cannons so got even more soaked! Rita and Thirteen broke down in the afternoon, while the scaffolding under Rita does look a bit, erm, naff. All was good in Hex with all the effects working.

    Stopped to eat in the new Burger kitchen. Was ok - nothing special though. Prices ranged from 5.79 for a hamburger meal to around 6.40 for a quarter pounder meal. The fries were well tasty and the burgers were not bad. Not much meat in them however, they could do with being thicker. Bring back Maccy D's!!!

    Did the Sactuary twice and I have to say it was excellent. Loads of actors inside, including Dr Kelman from last year. All actors were good, and the rooms seemed darker and more sinister. In particular, the "ward" where plenty of actors jumped out at you, and compared to last year, got really close to you. Literally nose to nose at one point!

    There were a few additions inside which I wont go into here, but being at the back of the first visit certainally wasnt for the faint hearted, being followed through a particular room being followed by a crazed doctor right behind you!

    However, hardly anyone seemed to know about the Sanctuary. There was a nurse at the entrance down by the Hex area, but no signage. There were no queues all day. I believe Towers wanted this to test the attraction and have a soft opening for the weekend. Overall though, it was excellent.

    Umm, overall it was a great day, everyone enjoyed it, the weather mostly behaved, and it was nice to walk around relaxed and still get on everything with time to spare.

    Car parking charges are still £6, pizza and pasta has now gone up to £9.75 which is a bit steep now, liked the themed checkouts in Towers Trading though - like the post office where they call out a till number but the tills are themed and play the ride music!

    Cant wait for April now when im up again!
    Posted 18th Mar 2013

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