PortAventura summary: 27-30.12.18

Discussion in 'Your Trip Reports and Plans' started by AstroDan, 5th Jan 2019.

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    Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point
    That as the case may be, in winter some rides opened an hour after the park did and some rides also closed 1 or 2 hours before it shut.

    I have to say, for all their long park hours in summer - winter is pretty poor given that, actually, the park is not quiet.
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    Yes, winter can be very busy these days, perhaps due to it being so much cheaper to visit during the cooler months.

    Unless people specifically want to a closed season trip, I’d advise visiting PA in the summer.

    Having said that, winter is a lot cheaper and it’s one of the only European parks which is pretty much fully open (unlike Toverland for example) and where you’re guaranteed it won’t be freezing so it’s a tricky one.

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