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Discussion in 'Your Trip Reports and Plans' started by monkeyboy, 11th Feb 2020.

  1. monkeyboy

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    Any advise on Toverland hotels please and ease of getting from Eindhoven airport to said hotel using public transport

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    Posted 11th Feb 2020
  2. AstroDan

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    Public transport isn't as easy as it could be for Toverland. I am afraid from personal experience I have always arrived by car. There are hotels nearby, but the Toverland hotel itself - originally mooted for 2020 - seems to be delayed...

    The rail station at Sevenum will be closest. So any hotel near there, and unsure on buses to the park - otherwise, maybe a cab.
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    Posted 11th Feb 2020
  3. Craig

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    Google Maps or the Dutch trip planning site (in English) is your friend for this one! Sevenum shares a train station with Horst (Horst being north of the station, Sevenum being south) so that's where you'll need to head before getting the bus to Toverland.

    You'll need to do the following (these are single prices):

    - Bus number 401 from Eindhoven Airport to Eindhoven Central (€2.50 / €1.65 with Chip Card)
    - Train from Eindhoven Central to Horst-Sevenum (€8.30 / €4.98 with Chip Card)
    - Bus number 79 or 679 from Horst, Station Zuidzijde to Sevenum, Toverland (€4.51 / €2.98 with Chip Card)

    Not sure what else you're doing in the area, but the chip card (the equivalent of an Oyster Card) can be bought for about €7.50, so you'd likely make back the cost of that in the discount it gives you on the trains/buses even if you're just doing a return trip to Toverland. These can be purchased and loaded anonymously, so no need for lengthy registration forms - but you do need a minimum of €15 balance on the card when using the train, so bit of a pain.

    Hotels wise, I've mainly travelled via car so hotels have always been at a midpoint between Toverland and a park such as Efteling. There's a few guesthouses and hotels around there, with one called "Staatsie 1866" being right by the station in Horst and having decent reviews.
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    Posted 12th Feb 2020
  4. Ted

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    I'm doing Toverland in October and the station at Sevenum has a direct bus link to the park thanks to the 679 (as Craig says). However the bus doesn't run at the weekend or on public holidays
    Posted 12th Feb 2020
  5. Burbs

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    Meh, who wants to go to a theme park on a weekend or bank holiday anyway?

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    Posted 13th Feb 2020
  6. Funcone

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    Based on experience it's about a 50 minute walk from the nearest station. It's pleasant countryside with some quaint Dutch buildings along the way.
    Posted 14th Feb 2020
  7. Enter Valhalla

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    Whilst the park’s official website does say that the buses don’t run at weekends, I think that this information is wrong/ out of date.

    When I read that, I didn’t believe it, so I went on the bus company’s website and the buses actually run regularly at weekends too.

    Rome to Rio is a good website which always helps me when planning public transport, it also links you to the transport operators’ official websites. I suggest using that.
    Posted 19th Feb 2020

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