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QTXAdsy's Adventures in Terra Mitica (22/9/13)


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Black Hole
After some stupid delays in putting this little report up...I finally do so! So anyway, I went with the family to Benidorm in a bad attempt to get a suntan, even though I get sunburnt in the end. Still, that wasn't my main reason of going there, my main reason was ol' Terry (as my Dad would say).

So with my Dad, which he claims to be his favourite theme park in the world, even though he has been to EP. :S We went over to see what had change as I had only been there once when it opened back in 2001. Surprisingly, not much had actually changed as you'll soon see.

The big woodie...which you'll soon find out what I thought of it...

I don't remember these trees here last time...

Even though it is a small park by it's larger rival in Catalonia, it's theming still beats that of the UK parks.

Damn, what a tacky sight when entering this park.

Over there is the second park of Ibiza park I think it's called...couldn't believe that such as park of it's size has that. that's like LWV having a second park in gates! :eek: And oh yeah...that's not a Mack ride, it's Intermin. ;)

So our first ride of the day, 'The Mystery of the Nile'. This is a Mack flume ride and quite a fast one for a flume, with it being a hot day in Spain (as always) these rides were generally quite busy. Quite a fun little ride this is.

Next up was bog standard Vekoma SLC called Titanide, or is it Tizona? Either well, it's a SLC.

To my own shock, this is the smoothest SLC I've ever ridden! I'm not joking, by the end of it, I couldn't believe it, and these were the old Vekoma trains too! Dad loved this ride and said it's the best ride he's been on...yeah, he needs to do more riding, and he's done bloody EP too! ::)

Up next was another water ride, Triton's Fury, and oh god, this makes Valhalla look like a little splash...this is without doubt probably the wettest ride I've ever ridden, and theres me in this shot with my Blue Fire top soaked to the skin...at least it dried off eventually...

Up next was 'Synkope'...quite a boring flat ride tbh.

Then came up 'Alucinakis', a little version of Magnus. This thing is damn rough, especially on that last bend into the station! And to make it worse for you, you go round twice...

All roads lead to Rome! And after many years, my chance of finally riding this woodie was about to come true...little did I know what I was bringing myself in for.

All I can say is this...ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow....yeah, you get the picture. I've been on a ride that not only disappointed me, but really nearly fractured my spine. It's up there with Furious Baco and Tornado...though I will not lie...I take it all back what I said about Tornado! I really do! At least that has sections that don't rattle you that much as this horrid machine. It's quite an irony that two of my most hated rides both come from the same country (though with the politics of Catalonia, that's somewhat debatable.)

Worst woodie ever and my personal hated ride ever, and as the photo shows, in typical Roman ways, it's thumbs down for this ride...DEATH!!!

From that disaster of a ride, I went over to one very strange ride. Inferno. This would be my first 4D ride, and for it's size, it's not that bad, it could do with a second re-run round to make it a bit more interesting. Not one I'll be writing rave reviews about, but one that I'm happy to include as a credit.

Before we would go back the way into the other park, I came across a drop tower ride named 'Flight of the Phoenix'. Like all drop towers, it's quite tense, though it lacks the build up off the one in PortAdventura, that is still my favourite flat ride. This though was ok...nothing special.

As we walked backwards, we came across a trackless dark ride, the Temple of the Minotaur. And for once...I really loved this ride! the theming and set up was really good, though I had an epic fail on this ride when I forgot to take of my damn sunglasses off on a dark ride! :-[ Just another dumb Scottish tourist. Still, ride it when you are there!

And so we enter the second park...which makes the WDS look good!

Finally, I ride which I think is an ex Alton Towers ride...Energizer! For it's age, it's not that bad of a ride, though I can't see it doing well at AT if it were to come back.

So then that's my trip, nothing really special about that trip, though it was nice to come back to the place and gain a few more credits. Next stop...let's go to the Netherlands!
Ah, this brings back memories of my visit back in 2009. I'll certainly agree with you regarding Magnus Colossus - definitely the worst woodie I've been on, and the second-worst coaster I've been on (the worst is Furius Baco). I never did Titánide, as it was closed following its move from the other side of the park, and it opened a few days after I'd returned to the UK. I wasn't impressed - I missed out on a credit! :p