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Matt N

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Hi guys. Sorry if this isn’t deserving of its own thread, but my parents were debating this evening whether Black Hole used to have any restraints. My dad thought it didn’t, but my mum thought it did. I’m actually not sure, being too young to have had the chance to ride it, so my question to you this evening is; did Black Hole have any restraints?


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It might not have had restraints in the early days, but it definitely did in later years. At first it was just seatbelts and then proper restraints were added.


The Beast didn’t have restraints, maybe they are thinking of that ride, since they were similar.


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It was explained at the Black Hole final rides event that it opened without restraints but they were added later. As there is only stairs on one side of the lift hill, if the train stopped on the lift hill, in the dark and a guest got out the left side of the car they would fall and injure themselves. Or if the lift restarts as they are trying to get out. So restraints meant guests couldn’t easily get out unless accompanied and the lights are on.


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I've ridden TBH and the Beast without restraints but that was a long time ago. Mostly ridden with the seat belts