Sat 21st / Sun 22nd - How Busy

Discussion in 'Your Alton Towers Trip Reports and Plans' started by lagolfer09, 19th May 2016.

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    Hi All,
    Just booked at last minute break for this weekend. Got a table reserved at the new Roller Coaster restaurant on Sat evening. What has the general feeling been towards que times, crowd levels etc over the last few weekends?

    Do they still have ERT if you are staying at the hotel? We are taking our 11 month old son with us, so hoping to visit cBeebies Land fairly early.

    Thank you ;)
    Posted 19th May 2016
  2. AndrewH

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    I wouldn't expect it to be too busy I would guess about 30 mins max for the big coasters (with the exception of Galactica). ERT does indeed still run with CBEEBIES, sonic spinball, oblivion and enterprise. Hope you have a great trip but in future it would probably better to uses this thread instead of making a new one :)
    Posted 19th May 2016

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