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Saturday, 18th June 2022: Mid Season Meet


TS Team
Favourite Ride
Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point
Where? Alton Towers Resort
What time? 9.30am outside Splash Landings Hotel

What to expect?
Our Mardi Gras Mid-Season meet is here! Our meets are informal, laid back chances to meet up with like minded people for a few rides, a few pints of the park's best Corona or Stella (or Coca Cola if you're at the wheel) and plenty of laughs. We can usually guarantee a ride on Nemesis, some flame feeding on Wicker Man and a jolly good natter at the Welcom-Inn. Or in the case of this meet... the pontoon! Of course, you'll be more than welcome to join us for part of the day - and if you want to hammer all of the park's attractions, can head off to do so at leisure.

We look forward to seeing you - please RSVP above!
It's a shame that the once glorious looking weather forecast has changed to pretty dull, cool and possibly rainy!
Brilliant to catch up with people. Very surreal to be able to discuss theme parks people have been talking to me about for years having visited them.

Mardi Gras is a fantastic event and it's a shame that there's nothing to fill the void between now and Oktoberfest.

Thanks one and all for another fantastic meet up