Scarefest 2021

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    Although I would expect there are a lot of people who would do the scary mazes but have no interest in trick o treat town, likewise many people with kids doing tot town but won't do the scare mazes as they have children.

    Maybe yes there could be more included, but there does appear to be slightly more roaming entertainment this year and a variety of stuff on the main stage. I think maybe they could have done one smaller second stage in Fountain Square again and spread out the entertainment a little more similar to Oktoberfest having two stages.

    Some parks of course don't offer any Halloween stuff in the regular park price and it is all additional costs. Disney decorate the park but all the entertainment is only at the upcharge separate party event.
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    But isn't this the same as it was with Darkest Depths in its first few years? And with the Welcoming before that? Both were additional on top of the normal maze package because they were classed as family - just like Trick o Treat was - but the added value this year is that you got a handful of sweets (well more than that when I had my run through) and more interaction with the actors for £2 more. Being ultra-picky, you could argue that most of the extra £2 is inflation!
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