Scarefest 2022


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It was my first time attending scarefest a week ago, our group definitely thought the attic was the strongest maze in the lineup this year (although maybe because we were sent through in a group of 4). AVMT was probably second best, although I'm confused about the helmets they kept referring to; none of our group had helmets and I don't think anyone else in the maze did either. Maybe something broke for our visit? Or it's been retired from previous years? Darkest depths was alright, probably our least favourite of the actual mazes.

The Invitation was.... an experience, certainly. It was entirely disjointed; I don't understand why there was a (rather small) lift sequence through which the poor host had to squeeze through the people who were packed in like sardines. Seems pretty poorly thought-out. The audio itself was... cool, I guess. Something interesting which I'm not sure if people noticed is that the person who is in the cage as a "vampire" at the end is actually batched with you. For our group, he was sitting next to me on the end of our row (right side of the room as you enter). He was in the cage at the end, which is cool, I guess. But nobody really seemed to notice.

Queues were alright, could've been worse. Met a few fellow enthusiasts which was nice too.

Overall, it was enjoyable, although somewhat lacking any "halloween-ness" outside of the mazes.

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Tried to go on the smiler using the single rider, but the ops didn't really seem to care about us singles. Waited for nearly an hour when halfway up the indoor stairs,
Pretty sure it's the only single rider queue left on the park which will have a impact it's advertised on the queue board and lots of people know about it.

It is just designed to fill empty seats that the main queue can't fill so as long as they can get every seat filled by using the main queue then they will, you've just gotta hope for lots of groups of 3.


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Alrighty scarefest review time. Started the day off on Nemmy and galactica which had minimal waits. We then joined a 2 hour smiler queue which ended up taking 95 mins so that's a bonus. We then went on Oblivion and waited 75 which was accurate. Operations were appalling on there and they need to sort it out big time. We then waited about 80 mins for Spinball which again was a dreadfully slow moving queue. We then experienced 2 scare mazes, Attic and Altonville. Being my first time doing the mazes, I didn't know what to expect and I had mixed thoughts. Some good jump scares and the actors did a good job but it felt like there weren't enough actors in certain parts. However what I must say is the theming in both mazes, especially Attic, was beautiful and way beyond what I was expecting. We then made a terrible mistake of believing the 70 min wait time for Th13teen, which ended up being 105. Brilliant night ride though and it's so different riding it when it's pitch black. After grabbing some food we did a night ride on Nemesis which was magic, as you'd expect really. Just when I thought that ride on Nemmy couldn't be beaten we did front row on Smiler to end the day. Without doubt have to say that was the ride of the season for me. Absolutely breathtaking and felt twice the speed of the day ride. Disappointed we didn't get a night ride on Wicker but the queues were too long and after waiting ages for thirteen, we weren't bothered about waiting that long again. Very busy on park today, as expected, but regardless it was a great day and had a few brilliant night rides to end my season.

George W

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Also not sure if it's normal but my friends noticed a camera rig outside of darkest depths, not sure if that's normal or could have been recording promo for next year because let's face it it's probably gonna be returning.


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Favourite Ride
I hope that Alton takes on the negative feedback from this year's Scarefest and actually improves the event in 2023. It seems like this may have been the worst Scarefest for a long time. (I didn't go so I can't judge)