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    I am just back from Europa Park and had a great visit. To be fair, when planning I was a bit terrified by the trip planning - but it isn't too bad.

    I flew EasyJet from Manchester - Basel.
    Leave the airport on the Swiss side and catch the airport bus to Bahnhoff SBB (Train Station). You buy tickets from the vending machine at the bus stop and the transfer takes 20 mins.
    I purchased a through ticket to Ringsheim using Loco2 when I got to the station (the cost was £29.50) - The journey time was 37 mins (Basel - Freiburg on ICE), then 33 mins (Freiburg - Ringsheim).
    Arriving at Ringsheim the bus to Rust is clearly signed and takes about 6 - 8 mins and costs just over 6 euro.
    I stayed at Hotel Restaurant Lowen - which was just over a 5 min walk to the Europa Park entrance and cost £77 a night.
    Just a tip - but if you can avoid eating or purchasing food an drink in Switzerland - it was so expensive!

    The park is amazing. It is gorgeous and the people so friendly. Up until now BG Williamsburg and Holiday World were my favourite parks - this just blew them out of the water! The theming if phenomenal and the rides very good.

    What I found interesting, is that the park isn't actually that big - but it feels massive. The themed areas are all actually pretty small but they don't feel it. I completely missed Switzerland on my first day! It really is a park where you just want to spend time - I met a buddy and we sat drinking coffee in France - it was just a nice place to be. The food and drink is well priced, good quality and very varied. I ate lunch in Greece both days as I love Greek food - and it was pretty nice. What is also awesome - is they serve food and drinks on real plates and cups and glasses if you stay by the eatery.

    On the first day I seen a gentleman in a suit giving a tour to a group of well dressed people - and I hear "Blackpool".... "Icon".... "England" interspersed with German - it really made me laugh!

    Some of the rides are really phenomenal - I loved EuroMir. It is such a surprising ride and I can't get the sound track out of my head. It was my stand-out ride... which surprised me. Go for the back car and hope you do the drops in reverse.
    Wodan was another ride I thought was fine when I first rode it. When I went back in the afternoon that thing was flying. I loved it! Proper rattly wooden coaster.
    Arthur is a wonderful concept and so well done. I enjoyed it much more than I thought. The ride building is amazing too.
    BlueFire was fun. I felt so let down on my first ride - it didn't do much for me. After it warmed up, it became more snappy. I hate to say it... it was good, but no Icon.
    SilverStar was the let down.. It's fine. I hate a ride that doesn't really do much - it has some airtime, but it only turns left and that's it. Although smooth - it has nothing other than some airtime.
    Eurosat CanCan Coaster is fun. It feels quick, the theme is nice and it is re-rideable.
    Poseidon is a fine water coaster. It has a bit of a rattle and you get wet...

    When you are there, try to plan your visit and make a list. Some rides are easy to miss - such as Atlantas Adventure and their haunted house.

    Some unedited pictures can be found at
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