Sunday 15th July 2012 - Stelios Realises that he is Neuros' 6 Year old Stalker

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    Well as you may of been bored from my last TR on the 11th of June. My theme park depression was ever crippling me further, but if you asked me that I'd be visiting my dearest park Alton Towers 3 times the next month. I would of probably of been knocked down with a feather. And I was. Sleeping over at my friends the night before, I banged my head after a pillow was hard for my head. Don't ask. Anyway don't expect a essay this time. I'm just gonna' roll through my day.

    The scent of Co-op foamy bananas reeked the car as at 11am we entered home and sure was it packed at the plaza. Monorail was a alright queue but the plaza was a wreck. I knew it was a promising day, luckily I got in on a freebie.

    So I galloped (yes, literally galloped like a maniac). We first saw The Flume and since the reduced time we decided to get the wet rides out of the way first since we wanted to go on Terreh at the end of the day.

    Flume as always doesn't let you down with charm or wetness, no light on the big duck was a letback from a enjoyable ride. Those damn showers have given up on a cycle though and are a great ending to the wetnessfest.

    So a walk to the Valley and dry us off after a 20+ Mine Train put us off. A quick 3 rounder on Duel with sticky guns that need to be fixed, 59,800 is below average for me and I'm determined to beat my 74,000 high score but I can't with these guns on my trademark seat! New effects and LED's working make me feel that the ride will be part of the Towers for much longer (and rightly so).

    Then I was dragged onto Blade by my mate for "The Butterfly effect". I still love The Blade but I think I've grown out of it now, especially since I'm branching to other theme parks and new flat ride models. But still HUSS never let's me down and Rippeh on a decent setting on a hot day is win. I'd highly recommend it.

    And now the first thing I learned today, Nemmeh single rider is win. (I went on my own as my friend ate to cover his chickening out) Whatever seat your given you seem to enjoy. Makes me feel less nervous and enjoy the ride more. Row 2, Seat 4 my love. It was a smooth as Air. I officially love Nemmeh even more now along with the ranks of other TST'ers opinions. I've always been a Blivvy guy for a quick thrill but sitting in different places on Wardley's best speed demon always promises a enjoyable experience.

    And now I had to face with a queue sometime. And there we have it. 10 minutes for another ride on The Blade, as my mate had just eaten so he wanted a lunch ride and he was secretly scared of Rippeh. 2 8 year olds hogging the top end of The Blade was easily scared of me somehow and didn't want to talk to be at first. But they were talking about Ripsaw and I told them not to be afraid as a 14 year old sat right next to me was scared of everything. So we did Rippeh. Twice. Unnacceptable wetness 2 times in a row ruins a decent cycle for a hot day.

    Next was Air and a 50 minute queue screamed single rider and we gradually moved on in about 30 minutes to hear cheering. Yeah, it was the Great Escapes Week. Drat. Ah well. One Rippeh ride too many. Somebody had to win it. My dream to meet a Edward England lives on until Thursday/Sunday. Oddly we sat together on single rider so it was fun to experience a decent waiting time and ride with him. Air never let me down as usual and seeing that the car park was full widened the grin on my face.

    And now it was already 2-ish so I thought I best be eating before the premature hours at the park. So my friend wanted to go on RMT while I ate so I coarsed into Pizza Pasta forever alone. I am now recognizing the staff there... and well let's just say my wallet hardly spent anything. I am 5ft and 14 but have a clear moustache to tell that I am not a child, yet I was sure charged as a child. Wow, I really must be Neuros' 6 year old stalker. I took the risk and piled the small plate with a plate for salad, pasta and pizza. Win.

    Then Spinball was a single rider obvious since it was only 20 minutes lower than the earlier 70 minute queue. I'm now getting a meh with Spinball now due to it's short length so I sprinted to Blivvey single rider when my friend chickened out for Enterprise. Two walk ons whilst 5 minute queues were behind me.

    And then it was a walk on single rider TH13TEEN. Worth it still today, but always better in the dark. Loving the musty smell and a quick ride on Hex rounded off my day on a more lower note. Children shouting and screaming throughout the whole experience ruined it for my Hex virgin friend. We tried the Sub-Terra dash that we longed, but at 16:58 it had shut. Ah well.

    Kinda' lost detail till' the end tbh but I'm really tired. All in all it was a good day for a freebie. I'm visiting next Sunday and possibly on Thurs with some TST'ers permission provided so I hope to bore you soon.

    Posted 15th Jul 2012

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