Swan Boats and the cancelled RCT tie in

Discussion in 'Talbot Street' started by DistortAMG, 23rd Mar 2021.

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    So I have been doing some browsing, about the once iconic Alton Towers swan boats. Something very interesting I've found was this passage from Chris Sawyers own website. For those of you who do not know, Chris Sawyer is the original creator and developer of the Rollercoaster Tycoon game series. More importantly he holds the rights to the game to this day, so when his own website says this, I would say it would be true. The passage from the website reads:

    I find this very interesting and had no idea this was planned at one point. I can only assume it was after 1999, as that is when the original game released. Yet the website is copyrighted to 2002. So within that 3 year window is when I would say this was going to be. Obviously, the boats left very soon after that. So maybe that explains why this project was panned.

    Source for the website is this:

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    Posted 23rd Mar 2021
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    That is interesting, I know that RCT1 had an Alton Towers level (which I've played), didn't know they were planning to do anything music related.
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    Posted 23rd Mar 2021

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