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    I have 3 children of varying ages, the youngest is 6, and not one of them is intimidated by the theme of Wickerman. They find it exciting, not horrific. It's only a horror theme in literal terms, kids don't actually stop to think about being burned alive any more than they do learning about Henry VIII chopping his wives heads off, bloodlessly shooting the hell out of each other on Fortnight, or Hitler being satirised in the Simpson's. It's context over base content.

    The last thing Alton needs is an expensive coaster right now, as much as we all want one. Apart from the fact it's very aged now, Alton's coaster lineup in terms of a roster is up there with the best, even if it is flawed. Putting in a new coaster would be like building a 7th expensive extension when you live in a rusty caravan.

    AT has a wonderful rapids ride reduced to a gentle boat ride devoid of theming that shares an interaction tunnel with a Mine train coaster where guests can experience the exhilaration of looking at brightly lit breeze blocks. It has a functioning dark family boat ride where only tiny portion of it is used in a shoehorned-in dungeons attraction that nobody asked for within a family area of the park. It has a well designed, bespoke Mack haunted house inside a large show building that's hanging out of its arse. It's a sparse park with a collection of thrill coasters that has a pre school area that is dense with attractions, fenced off from the rest of the park. In a country where it rains all the time it has only 1 (possibly 2 when GG opens) notable dark ride(s). It has large pieces of land around the coasters which either used to house or could easily house flat ride supporting attractions. A lot of the theming around the park is also either in poor condition or has been removed. There's very little entertainment and shuttered shops and restaurants everywhere.

    You could spend less capex than a new SW would cost spread over many seasons that would return a far more relevant increase to guest experience than a new expensive coaster. Build an new coaster by all means but sort the rest of the park out first.

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