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    So for my Winter plans I'm hoping to utilise the new Frankfurt-Ringsheim train (or the one back towards Milan that stops at Basel).

    Anyway taking a look at the bus timetable for the bus that meets these connections and visa versa from Ringsheim to the park/resort - the timings look a little tricksy - especially going BACK to Ringsheim for the return trains.

    attached is the link to the timetable. Am I right in thinking when there's a dash (-) the bus doesn't stop? the 09.16 back to Ringsheim from Europa park (for the 09.55 to Basel) - doesn't stop at Kronasar? yet the 16.03 from Europa park DOES stop at Kronasar but misses out the resort hotels? A bit weird, and kind of influences the hotel you stay at the night before leaving.

    it just seems a bit disparate and bitty! I just wondered if the (-) might mean it still stops at those places?

    And obviously with so few trains you want to make sure you get there - so want to make sure you get the right bus.

    Whats frustrating is the Europa park website make it sound like there are 'frequent buses throughout the day' - and are encouraging more visitors to use public transport - yet the timetable shows otherwise!

    And before someone 'goes there' - Unfortunately I can't drive, so am at the mercy of public transport.
    Posted 21st Sep 2021
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    Yup you're right in that the dash indicates that there is no stop for the bus at that time. Covid and the resulting lower park capacity has meant demand and therefore services have dropped. You'll have two options basically:
    • If you're staying at Kronosar, either walk or get the shuttle bus down to the main hotel resort stop then get the Ringsheim bus from there.
    • If you're staying at any of the hotels, book a hotel shuttle. This is more expensive at €18, but does cover up to 8 people so may work out good value in a bigger group. It might be worth considering this on arrival too, to save a wait for a bus! It does need to be booked at least two days in advance, info on the EP website.
    You could also book a taxi, but personally ordering via the hotel is probably best for ease if there are any problems.
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    Posted 23rd Sep 2021
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    I was going to say - just book a cab.
    Posted 23rd Sep 2021
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    Or stop at the Hotel near the Ringsheim station, there's a free shuttle from there
    Posted 29th Sep 2021
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    I booked a cab both times I’ve caught the train. Used the below company and contacted them via email before I arrived.
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    Posted 30th Sep 2021

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