The Smiler vs Saw The Ride; which Merlin Gerstlauer do you prefer?

The Smiler or Saw The Ride; which Merlin Gerstlauer do you prefer?

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Definitely The Smiler for me.

Actually has a decent ride length which is rare in the UK and despite the concrete pit, there is loads to see as you get up close and personal with the coaster which I actually find entertaining.

I have never found The Smiler rough and controversially I have never found an hour listening to the music irritating.

So overall, good ride length, intimidating theme, intimidating music, 1 good and 1 great pop of airtime, record breaking inversions which I do not find repetitive. What's not to like?

Though a distant second to Nemesis in my book, it's still a great thrill coaster and my UK number 2.

I find Saw very pedestrian.


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Favourite Ride
Having voted Saw, I had one of the best rides on The Smiler for years on Saturday! Second row end seat and it still ran pretty well. Yes the obvious jolts in the usual places were still there, however it seemed like the vibrations were hardly noticeable and overall it was great fun. But it really does need some TLC. The queue line was in a terrible state, the speakers at the half way point didn’t work at all, and half the effects on the marmaliser and in the station also did not work.


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Smiler has a miserable queueline in which you'll be waiting around an hour, and you'll come off it with a headache. It's worth it though.

When I last rode Saw I skipped the miserable queue in favour of single rider so waited max. 5 minutes, and came off it with a headache. It definitely wasn't worth it.