Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness


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Best rollercoaster we'll experience all year.

It was absolutely gripping because just when you thought it couldn't get more ridiculous. It did. Constantly.

That said, private ownership of big cats in America is quite clearly a major issue. Even the rescue centre had some clear problems.


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Binge watched the whole thing when I could sleep last week due to fever. I have to say I felt like the whole thing felt a fever dream and I could have been watching my wall. That dude is insane!

Every single person in the documentary came across as a supervillain. It was bonkers to say the least. There's already a Carol Baskin film on the way apparently.

@Benzin there definitely felt like the documentary had an ulterior motive to pass big cat owners off as criminals, wannabe gangsters and murderers (beyond entertainment reasons). I wonder if this was to put pressure on the USA to review the big cat bills?

Who watched it because they used ITHOTMK in the trailer :p?


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Favourite Ride
Watched the first 4 episodes last night, going to finish it off tonight.
Joe is just mental lol
Truly one of the most ridiculous series I've ever seen. I mean, it starts off strong, and by the end of episode one you're thinking, "Where is this going?" But even by episode five there were new characters and twists being thrown into the mix that left me feeling completely exhausted.

The sequence with Joe discussing
his recently deceased husband's testicles at the wak
was truly unforgettable.
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It's absolutely bonkers but it's the best documentary series I've seen in a while. There's so much depth and footage too which just makes it.