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    Right then,Hello guys everyone settled down,good the I'll begin.

    My trip started with a 2 hour drive to the towers,living ina hole wonderful place that is Lincoln,It's never quick to a theme park. As we got there,we knew it would be quite a busy day as the monorail Que was out of the building a 9:30,having only ever been on dead days,I was rather skeptical,we decided to walk to the entrance instead.Our tickets where the sun free ones so we got in without having to wait to pay,as soon as we got in we went to buy tomorrows tickets and when that was done we legged it to Rita,by the time we got there it had only just opened so we got on straight away and jumped into the front row Que,rita was immensely good,I don't see why people call it rough I've never found that problem we repeated this action another 3 times before running to 13 to find a 10 minute Que which was alright and got front row for it(LUCKY!!!) after that we decided it wasn't worth another go as it was a 20 minute now so we hopped (literally..we where so giddy we hopped) of to the sky ride to go to the fabled forbidden valley and get my first ride on Sub Terra. My god was it good,it scared the life out of me and at the same time made me laugh so much I really can't explain it.Next nemesis and my god is she good in the rain (oh yeah I forgot to mention it was raining by now) she was so quick especially from the front row on which we where, after I decided to single rider it and it paid of,I got the back row and man is it forceful.Now it was time for air which was displayed as 20 minutes,but when in the Que we realized it was going right back and was near enough an hour,we decided not to go for the front row as it was another 30 minutes but instead got row 6 air was....meh from now on im not queuing more than 25 mins for it.Finally for the forbidden valley (for now!!) was blade...3 times,I just love it!!!! Afterwards we skyrided to mutiny bay and walked to the X-sector for my beloved bilvvy which was just as I remembered
    it,amazing,I was on the edge seat so got my fair share of the mist.Seeing as there was no Que we went round again....10 times.
    By now it was 2PM and it was really raining now so being the normal people we are we decided to go to the flume which was the best decision we have ever made,it was so much fun! Afterwards we walked to duel and a 25 minute Que but seeing as I had never been on it we joined the Que ,it turned out it was a steaming 40 minutes but was well worth it,it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny.After that we decided to have another go on Sub Terra which was now a 1 hour Que and again well worth it,on the second go it was easier to take everything in and still as funny/scary as the first.It was now 4:30PM but we managed another 3 goes on nemesis including front row on the last ride of the day.
    All in all a very good day as usual in a brilliant place.
    Posted 13th Jul 2012

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