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Discussion in 'Your Trip Reports and Plans' started by Matt N, 15th Oct 2018.

  1. Matt N

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    Forest of Dean
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    Mako (SeaWorld Orlando)
    Sorry if there's already a thread like this or if it's unwarranted, but I would be interested to know; have any of you got any nice theme park trips planned in 2019? I'll get the ball rolling with my personal 2019 trip plans:
    • Florida/Walt Disney World (9th-19th April 2019) - I'm headed back to the USA in April 2019, and I'm super excited! Me and my family are headed to the 6 Walt Disney World parks, and there's going to be so much to experience! We'll be going to Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Blizzard Beach for the first time, it'll be my first visit to Epcot as an enthusiast and we'll be going back to Animal Kingdom and Typhoon Lagoon after 5 years of not going! It's sure to be a great holiday, and I personally can't wait for it!
    • Return visit to Drayton Manor (June/July 2019) - I've discussed with my parents about a return visit to Drayton Manor next year during the period between when my GCSEs end and the start of school trip season, so I'm hoping I can return and get on rides like Stormforce 10, The Haunting, Maelstrom and Sheriff's Showdown for the first time, as well as reriding some other Drayton attractions!
    As it is October 2018, other things could well happen, but those are my current ideas.

    So, are you guys up to anything interesting next year?
    Posted 15th Oct 2018
  2. Ryan B

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    This year was a pretty empty year for me after a pretty hectic 2017. 2018 I've only done 7 trips, no new parks either. This is the first year in 4 years I haven't done 3+ new parks, and over 10 trips.

    May - Tayto
    Late June July - (alongside Assen MotoGP) Efteling and Walibi Holland (any other decent parks on a road trip to Holland through Belgium recommended
    September - Disneyland Paris
    Some other time (either summer or Oct half term) Europa Park and Phantasialand possibly on return.

    That's at least three new parks
    Phantasialand is 50/50 but the Netherlands parks are getting booked by Christmas.

    Drayton, Flamingo Land, Thorpe, Lightwater are all going to be revisited after at least two years (excluding thorpe) and multiple trips to BPB and Towers when I have spare time.
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    Posted 15th Oct 2018
  3. Martin

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    Done with Towers, not sure I'll bother next season except fireworks. I'm hoping to box at least a couple on the continent to get some of the obvious gaps on my list filled. Getting back to Europa is also high on the list. Unfortunately 2019 is shaping up to be quite so not sure how successful that'll be.
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    Posted 15th Oct 2018
  4. John_P

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    Still got my first trip to Europa Park in a weeks time but for 2019 hopefully...

    Liseberg, and maybe fit in Kolmarden and Gronalund
    Walibi Holland and Belgium, maybe another park in that vicinity.
    Phantasialand, and maybe Movie Park.

    In the UK, BPB and Towers. Plus hopefully finally get to Flamingo Land and Lightwater Valley. Maybe even Oakwood.
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    Posted 15th Oct 2018
  5. Danny

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    Unknown - Parque dos Elefantes
    Welcoming in the New Year at Europa yet again.

    Considering the most exciting investment Merlin are opening next year is a madhouse at LLW, I'll be attempting to avoid all their parks and experience some actual decent new attractions.

    Phantasialand is a given for FLY, will probably pop into Movie Park to do Star Trek as well and tie in Efteling and Toverland. Walibi Holland wouldn't go amiss for their RMC either.

    Then I suppose there's the road trip around the States. Steel Curtain tbh.
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    Posted 16th Oct 2018
  6. Alsty

    Alsty TowersStreet Member

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    West Sussex
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    I'm doing 2 nights at Phantasialand and 4 nights at Europa-Park. I've not done either before so really excited :D
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    Posted 16th Oct 2018
  7. RicketyCricket

    RicketyCricket TowersStreet Member

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    Walabi Holland as soon as the RMC opens.

    Then one of the following...

    A) California - SFMM, Knott's, Disney, Universal.

    Pro's - beaches, weather, Disney (for me, but more importantly the Mrs)
    Cons - £££

    B) North East USA - SF: Great Adventure, Hersheypark, Cedar Point, Kings Island.

    Pro's - Coasters
    Cons - long drives

    Leaning more towards option B at the moment as Cedar Point has been on the bucket list since Dragster opened.
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    Posted 16th Oct 2018
  8. Themeparksandy1981

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    Well I done 9 trips to Drayton with another 3 planned before my pass runs out.
    Im gonna renew but waiting to see if both passes include free parking next season.
    May go Alton Towers again in the summer for the weekend.
    Go back to Paulton’s park as it’s 5 years since last visit.
    West Midlands saferi Park
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    Posted 16th Oct 2018
  9. speedy

    speedy TowersStreet Member

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    I'm heading to Lightwater Valley and Blackpool Pleasure Beach on June 9th and 10th respectively, just myself for Blackpool so if anyone wants to join let me know :)

    Very excited to try Icon and the Ultimate again!
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    Posted 27th May 2019

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