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    Hey guys!

    I went to Alton Towers on Tuesday and decided to write a trip report on TS, so here go's!

    Woke up at 7:30 and had breakfast, we left at 8:15.

    My plan was to arrive at 9, Ride Oblivion and then Rita. By now TH13TEEn would be open so we would ride that. Then we would take the Skyride to Forbidden Valley and ride Air (As it gets busy later on in the day.) after Air the legendary Nemesis would be next in line and Ripsaw after ,if we felt like it. Then we would take the monorail back to the entrance and ride Sonic Spinball in the single rider queue as it is always empty. Then do the whole thing again, stopping for lunch at anytime we felt hungry. We were not bothered to ride N:ST as we knew the queue would be long all day and heard by popular demand that it wasn't good.

    The traffic wasn't to bad, from Woore it took about 1 hour and a quarter to get there. It was raining the whole car journey so we were quite worried. We arrived at the car park at around 9:15, it hIad stopped raining and there was just a large bunch of clouds in the sky. As we booked oniline we got ERT, the park was relatively busy for ERT as I was expecting it to be quiet.

    Anyway, we boarded the monorail and I stared at the view of the rides. Excited as hell, we got off the monorail and entered the park quickly as we printed off our tickets on the website.

    We headed straight to Oblivion to find out it was walk on. I was more scared than I thought when walking up the long queue, the slow lift hill didn't help. We were held at the too of the drop for about 2 seconds before dropping into the ground. I couldn't help but look at the SW7 building site, nothing interesting was put there, just a load of piles of sand and diggers lifting it up. After having the peek at the site, we plunged towards the hole, my hands well up in the air, I noticed when going underground that you get quite wet because of the sprays on the edge of the hole. We went round the Over-banked curve and stopped at the block brakes. The ride was AMAZING!!! Just what I expected.

    After exiting the ride we headed towards the dark forest to ride Rita. Luckily there was only a 5 minute queue so we decided to go in the front row queue as its well worth the wait on Rita. After being strapped in, the overhead speakers sounded and said the motto line (can't remember it) before shooting off the long stretch of track. My hands yet again in the air, my second favourite part of the ride is definitely the first hill, you get quite a lot of airtime in it.

    After Rita we noticed TH13TEEn was already open so we entered the queue to find out it was a 15 Minute wait and the front car queue was completely empty so we entered the front queue and were on In no time! I expected it to be more intense than it was, the crypt part was great fun though. After TH13TEEN we entered the Skyride and took it to Forbidden Valley, and headed straight to air which was only another 15 minute queue, we weren't bothered to take the front queue as on Air you are looking down towards the ground most of the time anyway.

    After a very joyful ride on Air we entered the Nemesis queue which was almost walk on but the front queue was another 10 minutes but we didn't care, to get the full wrath of Nemesis you must go at the rent so we thought it was definitely worth it. During the Nemesis ride my head bashed around quite a lot so I was a bit disappointed with that but the intensity was still there and the enjoyableness (I know that's not a word ;) )

    After Nemesis my dad wanted a coffee so he settled down in the lunch place in front of Ripsaw, I obviously went on it! ;). The queue was empty so I got on quickly, luckily I sat at the edge of the ride so I didn't get wet ;) .

    As planned, we headed to the Skyride and got off at the entrance, and headed to Sonic Spinball, at that exact time by dad got a business phone call so I just headed to the single riders entrance which was empty (The main queue was one hour long). Luckily, the single riders entrance was empty so I got on in less than 2 minutes.

    After an enjoyable ride on Sonic Spinball we headed to Oblivion again and we enjoyed it just as much as the first ride. This was when we realised it was already 2 so we settled down at the chicken co for a great chicken burger which we enjoyed thoroughly.

    After lunch we headed back to Rita but found out that it was an hour and half queue so we headed to TH13TEEN which was also an hour and a half queue so we decided to go on Hex. This would be my first ride on it.

    It was really funny as someone yelled "BUTSCRATCHERS" really loud during the part before you go into the rotating room. Once we entered the room I was pleasantly suprised with the effects and the music that was used to create the amazing experience that it is now.

    After exiting the ride we headed back to Dark Forest and found out that the queue for Rita had decreased by half an hour so we got in the queue and decided to go In the front row queue. After Rita we didn't feel like another ride on TH13TEEn so we headed to FOrbidden valley again a
    But the sky ride. We went on Nemesis and Air both queues were labour 35 mins.

    We decided to go home after to beat e traffic after 5.

    Overall this was a great trip to Alton towers and I hope to go again next year!

    Posted 5th Jul 2012
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    Nice to see you had a really good time, but you missed out by not going on Sub Terra! Early reviews were very negative, but the ride is a completely changed thing now and is well worth riding! I would definitely recommend going on it next time you visit the park :)
    Posted 5th Jul 2012

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