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    The days roll by like centuries and the more hair is lost as theme park withdrawal really starts to kick in on a cold April morning. You gather yourself ready for school and you stumble across your holy Grail. Two Sunday Times free entry Alton Towers tokens. You quickly remember that you collected the two other tickets specifically for this moment. So you reluctantly pester your parents if the details can be filled in and I fill in the date ranges, hoping for a date around my birthday (June 6). But then the Terms and Conditions whip your excitement away right across and off face. "27th April 2012", your personal doomsday. You lock your iPhone to check the date and then it really hits you. Your one way ticket to heaven was due for today.

    But as the full-spirited enthusiast that I am still gave me hope to send it off anyway. Besides I thought, "I'm lucky enough to go there anyway". So I went off to school and the days crept and crept with no reply. Still cringing about the thought of the Times not receiving until at least Wednesday due to the epic Northern Royal Mail.

    I must applaud you for reaching this far in my boring story, since I've wagged English today I thought I'd write a essay.

    And I seemingly forget about it and the local flat ride fair arrives but is lacklustre and Ali Baba's and Mexican Wave's aren't enough to feed your fruits of your theme park fix. But it's a Friday, soaked in the typical British weather, karma was to redeem my drenched self with two free tickets to Alton Towers. Dated 11/6/12, it was perfect... Except the fact of convincing my mother to skive school for once. And it was only 3 weeks away.

    The night before Alton Towers effect settled in as I planned my route with my 2012 map and a night with little (excitement-filled) sleep.

    It had arrived. And now it's (finally) time to review my amazing day.

    After skipping the Monorail and preferring to walk. Nemmy's roar confirmed that I was home. The weather predicted rain, heavy rain. So after waltzing down a unusually quiet Towers Street. I headed for Rita before it started pouring it down and I went to begin my usual "thrill-seekers" route. Coined as 15 minutes by the queueline, I played it down as nonsense due to the park only just opening. And how right was I. Walk. On. Even better I got to experience second row Rita, the closest I've ever been to the front. And boy was it worth it. Being unusually small for my age, headbangers are a regular occurrence on coasters for me. But for today I had next to none trouble. So I rode it again.

    And then I pledged to buy a TH13TEEN hoodie to go with my Sonic t-shirt, so the Intamin Forest's second attraction TH13TEEN was next. I agree with you all. It does seem faster, a good warm-up or after lunch coaster. Tame but it's charm always draws you back from it's musty smell or it's forest tour.

    And now it's when I realised we weren't alone. The mass morning Dark Forest army followed, I then realised they were the paying customers not on a freebie. So to avoid the rush albeit craving another Rita ride, I headed to Oblivion due to it's quiet mornings and excellent throughput for consecutive rides.

    Reriding Oblivion is not to miss for enthusiasts this year, SW7 groundwork is shaping up nicely with drills and a crane working all day. Oblivion's water effects seemed to crank up each time. Its insane rush and 2 minute queues are highly recommended to kickstart your morning. Viewing the times to see the original Edward England and RMT were in between, I feel more and more bored with RMT as I get older and enthusiasm is lost with each ride op. :(

    So after reviewing third time on Oblivion just before half past, the queues will start to soak in. So me and my Dad headed for the Valley. Into the Valley, Phalanx and the new and improved Sub-Terra awaited me. But I was stupidly put off by a 30 minute queue.

    So I headed for Air and I continued to sink more into my hands as it read 40 minutes. I'm glad a short notice for 10 years was up, at least some acknowledgement was done. After my quick enthusiast nerdbite, the queue seemed to be moving quickly, and from past experiences with Air I knew it wouldn't be as long. It wasn't. 5 minutes and I was already at the Tuck Shop. And after lecturing some poor guests in the queueline behind me about their SW7 questions, before I knew it (20 minutes) we were on. Front Row always when you can is my rule. And there was no queue, and the couple behind us "followed the expert's view" and thoroughly enjoyed the front row with us.

    Here's a tip, don't chant "Oh Wardley, we do" on the way up. The lifthill might stop and someone might be filming you. Which they were. I get my usual quirk with a giggling fit on Air as I soared through on the most exciting PE lesson I'd ever had. (My PE lesson on Monday is at 10:00).

    And Sub-Terra was shining a 35 minute queue now. It had to be done. But Nemesis' 30 minute queue seemed more juicy, as I knew it wasn't going to be 30 minutes. The blood waterfalls had clearly lightened with the recent rain, I spared a moment for the poor sod that colours the lake every so often. But then it was fright time. My experience was set to be one of my best on Nemmy as I had arguably one of the most intense seats. On the bottom left back row. As a lawful enthusiast, I was severely twitching to notice a man filming in front of me as I climbed the lift hill. But then the first inversion had already happened to ease my woes. Nemesis seemed more intense as ever and less head banding equalled more enjoyment. But my expectations for fun were dampened by the prospect of dizzyingly hobbling to Sub-Terra.

    My expectations for improvements to a dull ride were a ride that does the job to thrill and cause a entertaining experience. It did, Phalanx operators had no Monday morning curse and helped create the atmostphere. More leg and back ticklers really did add to the fear of the drop. The Scare Maze is loud enough to cause fear. Darker than TotT you might say, it certainly was a great extension to a ok ride. I am more lighter on my criticism due to it being a filler ride. It wasn't worth a 45 minute queue, but I liked it.

    On the way to lunch I promised my Dad for 5 "to the death" duels to bet on who to choose what ride to go on next. As the enthusiast, I won of course, with my new personal record being topped by 16,000 with 71,500 being clocked up. The new Undertaker Audio and the odd Strobe are really effective and cause new scares to distract me from a master at work.

    Then I headed to Pizza Pasta buffet, and outside was a 6 coupons for the day, with the meal one already being torn off. But I wasn't too peeved as we weren't going to pay much today anyway. The other coupons were £1 off Large Pick 'N' Mix, Donuts (which caused mass queues outside Towers Street and Mutiny Bay for them at 20 past 5). Save £5 when you spend £25 or more would of been a good deal for families, a meal deal at Spinball Noodles with a second deal for half price was tempting, but I wanted good ol' Italian. The final coupon was 20% off all clothing. Which was great for a £26.00 TH13TEEN hoodie. There all valid till end of the season so I'd expect to see them being handed out later on this season, (as they probably already have).

    Pizza Pasta is as nice as always, still craving for more pasta varieties though and maybe a extra veggie option but as always is substantial and still worth your money.

    And then it was 2:40, already. The pirate show was about to start, and Edward England's understudy was entertaining and yet again another decent entertainment addition.

    And then after squeezing in a quick Hex. The Octogan's looking even better with effects being fixed, just along with the vault crank the volume up a bit.

    Next was Ice Age, I was expecting a meh family show, but its enjoyable for all. Effects are perfect, the 4D interacts well with the environment, it's perfect for the auditorium. Top notch, the only problem is the carnage in the Toy Shop as you exit with pester power mania. I'd also sit closer to the screen for better effects, it was a finely patched together film which kept to the charm of the film and made it fit well nice and sweet.

    After squeezing in two rides on Oblivion and a last glimpse at SW7. We had a choice of a 35 minute Spinball or 15 minute Air at 4:35. Logic and maths made us go with Air, and it was shorter and left us with the chance to get two rides of Air. The rush is a great way to round off your day, I would really kill for some blue lights with those new lights added though in the dreaded tunnel. But the words of Wardley's orders tell us to get a life.

    It was the end of the day, but destiny from the beast Nemesis wanted to redeem our slight disappointment with Sub-Terra, it was the "super" last ride of the day. Epic. We all made lots of noise for Nemmy and a last hurrah for the day. We were lucky to get that last ride. Duel was closing, RMT was getting a closing check-up and the Flume was the few rides still soaking a queue. (Pun Intended)? So it was time for a quick round of golf.

    It was 5:20 and we were told that the golf was shut even though it was shut at 6. But the operator felt sorry fornus to let us have a play around for free where we could play on the East course, I achieved the par on all courses except Duel and the dreaded Oblivion hole where I got 34 once with 5.

    It was a epic day, but I realised that it still didn't rain until I left. There is a God. John Wardley. This was one of my best days at Alton ever.

    Ride Count
    Rita 2
    THI3TEEN 1
    Oblivion 5
    Air 3
    Nemesis 2
    Sub-Terra 1
    Duel 5
    RMT 1
    Hex 1
    Ice Age 1

    G-Force Count 56.6
    Height 4419m
    Travelled 9194
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    Longest trip report ever! :p
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