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    Firstly a warning, and an apology, for the ridiculous length of this trip report, but I had not been for two years, and this was pretty major for me. Also, the post contains a short(ish) review of N:ST, in the paragraphs 7 to 9.

    Again, a reminder that this post is incredibly long, and has WAAAAAAY too much detail, and may bore you to death. If you want to see my overall opinion, go to the bottom.

    After an early wake up, at 6:30, my family and I set off, in the car, towards AT. It was all smoothly, with a quick pit-stop at McDonald’s (yeah, I know :p) with little to no traffic at all, and the only problem was the rain that was falling as we were in the car. However, it began to look bleak, as, about twenty minutes away from the park entrance, there was a problem with the car- as it began violently shuddering. We made it, just, and we parked right near the monorail station, at around quarter to nine in the morning. It was cold outside- but not raining- and the rain would not fall all day! We walked straight on to the monorail, but then were told that the train was adding another car- leaving us with an irritating five minute wait. As we set off to Towers Street, we were shocked to here the “remix” (if that’s what you can call it) of ITHOTMK, which left me painfully cringing. There were so many different versions, and they were all crap. :mad:

    Upon entering the park, we wanted to make the most of our ERT- after booking online- and so, we rushed straight to Rita (knowing it would be busy all day, and this was the best time to go). A straight walk onto Rita (unfortunately having to settle with one of the middle rows) and I sat waiting for the launch. The first thing that struck me was the new voicing (well, it was for me) that was put in. I didn’t really like it, as it had nothing to do with the theme at all. As we launched, I don’t know why, but it didn’t feel as powerful as the last time I rode it, and I was fairly disappointed. Possibly this was to do with rides on Stealth, which has a much higher acceleration, or maybe it was due to it being ERT. The rest of the ride felt slower than usual, with not as much air-time as I remembered, with the only real highlight being the drop immediately after the first hill. However, it was a good ride, but not as good as I remembered it.

    Next, we decided to go to Oblivion. Upon walking to X-Sector, and embarrassingly getting lost for a while, we got the first view of SW7’s site. I was surprised at how large it was, and how it stretched all the way to the entrance of X-Sector, and filled quite a lot of it. It looks like a great ride. Then, we strolled onto Oblivion- again with a walk on. Without any time to admire the video’s and queue-line, my brother (who was riding for the first time) did not get the experience that I did, but was probably better for his nerves to get on quickly. We got into the seats, and then began to climb the lift-hill (which was, as always, ridiculously steep- which meant you fell right back into your seat) before admiring the view at the top. After a quick peer into the SW7 site- which revealed, a very exciting pile of rubble, we plunged into the hole. One thing that was different from the last time I rode, I think, was the steam- which was very strong, and stung my eyes. After quickly leaving the station, I rounded up the non-riders of Oblivion, and we headed for our last stop of ERT, which was Nemesis.

    After completely pacing Haunted Hollow, and waiting outside of Nemesis, I was angered by the faff caused by my parents gentle stroll, with them arriving at least five minutes after we arrived in Forbidden Valley. I was not amused. We then proceeded to walk the queue, and I decided to go for the front row, which only increased the wait by about five minutes. A good decision it was. The ride’s experience was much improved by the ability to see where I was going, and the ride was great. My personal favourite element is either the first stall turn or the last corkscrew, but the acceleration after the loop is incredible as well. Nemesis is easily my favourite ride. Then, we went round again, to join the queue with only five minutes left of ERT, and I got on the second row. Definitely not as good as the front, but it was still very good, and I enjoyed myself greatly. However, as I stretched my feet out, I could definitely feel every one of those G’s on the ride, and it hurt on a few occasions- especially at the zero-G. They were tingling for at least half an hour afterwards, and I decided not to stretch my feet out again.

    After Nemesis, we did the short stroll to Air, and joined the- fairly- short queue of about twenty minutes. Again, we decided to do the front row, and the queue was an extra ten minutes, but it was definitely worth it. Going through the tunnel, there was a new- and very bring- set of LED lights, which stung my eyes, and meant I couldn’t see the rest of the tunnel. Clear that Merlin were trying to blind those so they can’t see the tunnel. From the front, the first drop was much improved, and the Fly to Lie- and when you’re on your back- was much more intense than I was expecting. The barrel roll, as well, was very good- and gave a good floating feeling. On the hill after this, I was very surprised when I felt a tiny bit of air-time. My brothers, who were riding with me, must of thought I was crazy as I shouted out with glee when I felt it. The last few turns were very good, and it made for a great experience in all- and fairly intense.

    After leaving Air, we then went on Ripsaw. After waiting one ride cycle, we got onto the back-row (hoping that we would get less wet) and the restraints strapped us in. Compared to the luxury of the B&M’s, the seat felt as rough as hell, and we began the ride cycle. I was very pleased with the ride cycle, as it was much longer than I though, with a very exciting element that I had not experienced before. Upon going forwards, the gondola’s unlocked, and we did a flip- giving us a bit of air, and a lot of fun. When it came for the soaking, I didn’t get too wet, and we left the queue to ride Nemesis: Sub-Terra, for the first time.

    When we got to N:ST, the queue was thirty minutes- not longer than I expected- and I knew it would only get longer throughout the day. I very much enjoyed the queueline, with its interesting TV’s and a great view of Nemesis. One funny moment was when a- very intimidating and roughed up- Phalanx operative came around looking very menacing. My brother and I made a game to see if we could embarrass him enough to move away quickly. My brother would stare him down, and I would comment on the blood on his face, asking him to “you might want to wash your face” and “how was the other guy”. Unfortunately, he kept his role throughout, but a few others in the queue were fairly amused by the situation. As we neared the entrance, we met with another- although less scary- operative, holding a megaphone. His job was to embarrass people in the queue. One of his victims was a woman wearing a Westlife T-shirt was pointed out, and the queue was asked if anyone else like Westlife. No one else did, and the poor woman turned bright red, and then, we entered the ride.

    The first thing that I noticed was the darkness of it all, and it was quick a contrast from the bright sunshine outside. We were give orders by one operative, but, unfortunately, I couldn’t hear- as he was too far away. Something along the lines of you go in first, and this is a Phalanx controlled area. We then proceeded to enter the lifts, with the video explaining about the eggs very well, and the impression on going downwards was pretty good. Upon reaching the ride’s chamber, again in the dark, we were directed to the tower on the far side of the lift, to the left, and we sat down in the seats- and the restraints lowered. I was shocked by how far the restraints were off my lap, but was pleased by the freedom. Then we were told about the egg, but quickly, it all seemed to go wrong. Too quickly for my liking, as it appeared as if that was meant to happen, instead of it sounding like a actual disaster. As the lights flashed off, we were sprayed by a bit of water, before the lights came back on- revealing the hatched egg. The lights turned off again, and we dropped down. The drop itself was not so different to Thirteen’s drop, and was quite tame, but the restraints meant you flew up- which was a good feeling. At the bottom, we were given the effects of the seat- with the back pokers and the leg ticklers- but they actually hurt me. The leg ticklers especially we painful, but the poker was quite violent as well. I didn’t really appreciate it, but it certainly added to the experience. The rising back to the top was very good as well, as we didn’t know it was happening, and the darkness masked our senses. We were quickly directed to leave, and the flashing lights made it difficult to walk, and we entered the lift. The lift was fairly good, although the shaking could have been more side-to-side, but the darkness made the effect very good, and the effects impressed me. Then we moved onto the new addition, the scaremaze. The strobe lighting effects made it very, very good- in a small area- and I liked it a lot. Only one actor jumped out at me, but- due to the lighting- it was a very effective one. Things like the low ceiling also added to it, but the light created a disorientating feeling that was very interesting, and then we emerged back into the light.

    So, in conclusion, I was very impressed with N:ST, and really appreciated most of the ride, however, the drop itself wasn’t too good. My family also liked it, with most of the talk being on the scaremaze at the end- which means that it was a great addition- and the lighting and actors. On the other hand, my Mum didn’t like the experience, as she was scared throughout- and so didn’t like it at all. The other members of the family, me included, felt the attraction scary- but not anywhere near my Mum- so making the ride very effective at what it was made for.

    After N:ST, we walked to Gloomy Wood to ride Duel. Duel was fun, as always, and the effects were much improved, but my finger hurt- due to the trigger- to the extent that I had to swap hands. I got a half-decent score regardless (30,800) but my finger was in pain for a while. Then, we went to ride Runaway Mine Train. A longer queue than I was expecting- it’s usually walk on- but I waited five minutes, and then was on. I like RMT, but as I’m bigger than the last time we were there, my brother crushed me a few times on the ride. Still, an enjoyable experience nevertheless, and I was surprised by the intensity just before the tunnel, and I still love RMT- except for the “choo choo” woman leaving.
    After this, we bought our only (except for the lunch) item of the day, and that was a Quencher. A fairly good price, as my family shared it, and got many, many refills. After buying the Quencher, we went to Sonic Spinball- which was given a forty minute queue. However, we found that the queue’s length was nowhere near that, and were on comfortably in twenty minutes. Sonic Spinball was a great ride, and the changes of direction were fast paced and fun, although I got a few bruises on my arm from it bashing against the side of the car- which was quite painful.

    Now, we walked to Dark Forest again, but now to ride Thirteen. The queue was possibly the longest of the day- at a round forty minutes- and whilst we were queuing, Rita appeared to stop running for a while. It may have closed down, although I wasn’t sure. We got onto Thirteen, and the ride was fun- although not great. The drop felt too small, and the trims ruined the experience- as it took away all the air-time and speed in the last few bends. The inside part was as good as ever, and the backwards part was fun. Fun is one word to describe Thirteen, and it doesn’t really meet the criteria of any other words.

    After this, we stopped of for lunch at the nearby Woodcutters, and I was pleased with the service provided- although the restaurant was almost full, the food came in five minutes- and the size of the portions. The plate was full with burger, chips and salad- and certainly gave you your money’s worth- and so much so that I had to give some of it to the dogs (I mean brothers) to finish off. After this, we planned on seeing Ice Age, to settle down, but we were shocked by the hour wait, and so decided to save it for another time. Instead, we rode Twirling Toadstools. Twirling Toadstools was fun, and the re-theme was good, and was an excellent children’s ride.

    This was when we went to ride Hex. I hadn’t ridden Hex for a long time before yesterday, and so could not remember what went on exactly, so was anxious as I entered the building. The ride was completely walk on, and we walked straight into the batch area- before proceeding into first chamber. Here, I became quite annoyed at the immaturity shown by my brothers, who were moaning way too much, and they wouldn’t shut up. Sort of ruined the experience for me. The video shown was good, and explained the back-story very well, and the next chamber again continued the story about the Chained Oak. The walk into the ride chamber is good, especially passing the bookcase, and the theming is done very well, however, the ride itself was not great. I liked it, but didn’t love it, and felt it was too tame to create enjoyment. I fully appreciated the queue and films though, but like N:ST, the actual ride was quite boring.

    Still quite annoyed by my brothers, we entered the queue for Congo River Rapids, and my annoyance doubled. The queue was about half and hour, and that was quite bad, but the thing that was the most irritating was the amount of people filling the cars. There were way too many cars that had two or three people in, and this increased the wait time by a lot. I don’t know whether it was the selfishness of those queuing, or the ride op’s, but it needs to be sorted out. The ride itself was fun, and we got quite wet at the waterfall part, and the ride cheered me up a bit. Despite this, unfortunately my parents had to leave to check out the car, and call the RAC, which left us to continue riding.

    After the rapids, we went back to Forbidden Valley to ride Nemesis and Air again, however, we discovered that this was not possible. We found Air, as well as N:ST, to be closed- and Air did not open for the rest of the day. Instead, we rode Nemesis a couple of times instead- once on the front row, and once on single rider. Single rider was a complete walk on- we were on the first train- and I sat next to one of my brothers on the back row (what a result). It was on the back row that I experienced a grey-out, between the helix and zero-G, and the ride was very intense. Now, we decided to get a bit of peace for a while, and we walked through the gardens, to get to the Dark Forest. The paths were quite wet and muddy- due to the rain of the past week- but the gardens were looking lovely, as the flowers had bloomed. The steps were quite tiring though!

    Upon arrival at the Dark Forest, we went onto Thirteen- which was only a five minute wait. I was happy when we got onto the front row, and the ride was much better than before, and the backwards part was much more intense. We decided not to ride Rita, as there was a fairly long queue, and we couldn’t be bothered to ride again. Instead, we headed to Oblivion for a couple of rides. We waited for about five minutes both times, and the second ride was better, as I got on the back row at the far left- which gave a interesting difference (every other time I was on the front row in the middle) which I liked a lot.

    The final ride of the day was Sonic Spinball, which we decided to do single rider. It was a bit tiresome to see countless numbers of even numbers in the main queue, and this meant our wait was about twenty minutes, before eventually, I was let on with my brother as a two. This gave us a 100% record for single rider of going next to each other, with three out of three (on Nemesis, Oblivion and Sonic Spinball). This ride I decided to keep my hands down- to avoid the pain- and when we got off, we walked to the monorail. When we arrived back at the car park, and were happy to hear that the car had been fixed. We left AT after a great day, with quite a lot of rides under our belt. ;D


    Nemesis X4
    Oblivion X3
    Thirteen X2
    Sonic Spinball X2
    Nemesis: Sub-Terra
    Runaway Mine Train
    Twirling Toadstools
    Congo River Rapids

    Things Bought:


    (you’re not getting our money that easily M£rlin :p)

    Well done. If you are reading this, you have survived being bored to death, and deserve prize and a certificate at surviving the length of that.

    Overall opinion of the day:

    It was good.
    Posted 25th Jun 2012

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