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    After visiting today with my family, there are some pretty good things about the park and a few glaring issues; lack of flats as we were bored of the coasters after a few goes, especially in forbidden valley as the area feels very dead and not worth the long walk to as a family group, whereas areas like x-sector and by wickerman aren't so bad due to proximity to mutiny bay and cbeebies land, lots of the park feels like coasters and dead space with boarded up buildings and empty plots of land.

    A lack of things for the 1.1-1.4m height range ties into this, my younger sister who is 13 found herself bored half the time as she doesn't enjoy huge rides like Nemesis. While wickerman fills a gap, Alton needs some investment in the middle of the range rides. As the thrill rollercoasters are good quality, even if we like to moan about things, the stuff for children under 7 is good-ish and will improve with the new David Walliams area, but leaving a good chunk of the family bored shows there is work to be done.
    Another problem is drainage, across the park there were huge puddles which in queuelines like oblivion and 13 were a problem as you either got soggy feet or had to do a running jump over them

    On the good side, Wickerman is the best ride on park at night passing Nemesis for night rides in my opinion, especially in the rain which was unrelenting all day, with a looser restraint due to clever positioning, that thing FLIES around the track and throws you about a lot, it has definitely settled in well and hopefully leads the charge in more wooden investments from Merlin.
    Queues were all well managed too, nothing above an hour with rides running on most of their trains. Aside from one jobsworth on Galactica who insisted we fill a train despite there being no queue, while we wanted to wait for the front row, even going to the lengths of pairing up 2 groups just to force enough space for us to ride on row 6.
    The actors around towers street were brilliant to watch dancing and afterwards they roamed about scaring people which was also great to see.
    Hex seems to have more of a smell by the vault which is nice, although on one of the runs through there was some terrible acting from the hosts in the octagon which should be done away with, second run through was great, no terrible acting and the hosts jumpscared a few people after the doors to the ride part opened.

    Food wasn't anything too special, expensive and lacking in quality slightly, we did miss the chicken bucket meal which has been removed from the menu from the chicken place in x-sector, it was relatively good value for themepark food and used to feed 5 of us.

    Overall it was a fun trip despite the rain which highlighted the speed of rides, and the slight lacking of middle of the road family rides
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    Posted 26th Oct 2019

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