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    Trip report of my trip with my daughter.

    After Queuing to get into the Car Park, We ended up parking in the back half of D (or was it the front half of E).
    All around was buggies, pushchairs and prams being pull or dragged out of car boots. I could tell the fathers that don't usually use them, as they fight with a mix of metal and fabric, only for the mother to come along grab it one hand and unfold it, like a well practised magician.

    When we arrived at the ticket offices, I could tell it was going to be a very busy day for Cbeebiesland. with queues of pushchairs and buggies. As we where using £15 return tickets, we headed straight to the turnstiles. struggling though the sellers and their stands just after the gates we head to customer service for my daughters redband. Even though they were being their usual efficient team, a line had formed.

    We headed over to Air. She was running well, dismayed that the tunnel is nicely lit in blue as you leave the station then it go back to its normal state.
    Nemesis, was running just like i remembered her, 20 years old and still giving one of the best ride experiences I know.

    After a trip on skyride. which Little delta (my daughter) still get the wobbles on. it was on to Rita. A ride I am not a big fan of. however the launch was it usual punchy self. and the track was a rough as i remember it. once that was done it was time for a snack, smoke and to contact my mate.

    My mate, Tom was arriving with a group from the local youth club. And should of been on park for at least 30 mins according to their timings. As both of us are licence amateur radio operators, we decided to use our handheld radios. So I called him up and found out they where still outside the park waiting for the group leader to get the tickets. So there was only one thing to do, wish him luck and head for the next ride.

    Thirteen, Well it a nice little coaster. a bit of fun and a laugh. As we went up the first lift hill, I wished i have put john wardley's book my bag that morning so i could make a funny on ride photo. oh well. and little delta hugged my arm on the drop.
    We decided to stroll over to the smiler, allowing time for the time on the RAP* to elapse. on the way contacting Tom to see if he got though the gates. which was still a no.

    (* for people that don't know what RAP is. it is ride access pass, that is used with the red disabled wristband. You go on a ride and they mark it with the time you should of ridden it if you waited in the main queue. you can't go on any major rides until this time has passed.)

    The Smiler, was it normal head spinning self. although little delta decided to push the tip of her finger into the foam of the OTSR on the brake run. say "squidgy, urr, wet, yuck, pooy" (translation 'oh, wet, smelly, oh yuck')

    Now with an hour wait for the next big ride, it was time for the pirate show after a quick stop to disinfect little delta's hands. Tom had got on site decided to meet us at the pirate show. for lunch.

    Tom is not a fan of rides as they make him ill. (i know why come to a theme park) and when we got to the show, He wondered why i decided on a table on the middle, instead of the benches near the show. half way though the show he understood why.

    with Tom we did ride we don't normally do, Charlie and the chocolate factory. All i can say is, It nice for letting your lunch settle before more coasters. And then onto Ice age 4D, This was the first time for me and little delta. I must say I missed out on a great show over the last few years.

    This is where Tom and us parted ways, he went to enjoy the gardens as me and little delta went back to air and nemesis. As we got to nemesis, we could see it was not running, the trains were empty and AT technical was there. so air it was.
    Nemesis was back online when RAP cleared. Her bearing grease was still lovely and warm even with the shutdown, giving a really fast and gripping ride. boy did we have smiles on our faces after that run.

    We decided, Rapids would be a good idea, Tom joined us for a cool off before heading back with the youth club. running short so one last ride on air before heading for towers trading.

    On the way back to the car, we got to the magic factories car park entrance, where we heard wheel spinning, and i realise the car is heading our way, so stop little delta and myself before the entrance to see the car not even trying to stop before arriving at the pedestrian walk way. getting within half a stride of us, thank god I have to think ahead when i got my daughter.

    We got back to the car to find long queue to get out of the car park, so It was time for a picnic sitting in the boot of the car and I started to teach little delta to play the top trumps she bought in towers trading.
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