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    Took the little one who is 6 and just reached 120cm and my partner, along with her sister and boyfriend who have never been to the park before up for the weekend.

    Arrived Friday and stayed in the Chained Oak B&B just down the road which I highly recommend. Went into the waterpark on the Friday afternoon. Was moderately busy with 25 minute queues for the Masterblaster. The place has had a few bits of paint here and there, mainly on some of the water guns, however, the majority of water features and guns still don’t work since my last visit.

    For the first time ever in all my years visiting we had food in the waterpark. Hot dog meal which was about £6 quid or so. Wasn’t bad actually, decent size portion of chips and the typical Rollover hot dog, which I quite like.

    Changing rooms were a bit smelly though as always, and the origin seemed to be the toilet area. Mad e me wonder why they don’t put a partition up between the toilet area and the changing rooms to control it. We had a good time though, stayed for 3 hours.

    Ate in the RCR that evening, was pretty busy but not full. Staff were very keen to ensure everything was ok, handing over a bit of paper with the waitress name on it and the comment to leave a review on TripAdvisor if we were happy. She kept coming over regularly to check all was ok, and when one of our parties meal hadn’t arrived with the others, she quickly contacted the kitchen and came back to tell us it was on its way. It arrived quickly afterwards. Food was ok, nothing special, usual fayre. Music seemed a bit muted in there , like as if it had been turned down, which, I don’t think is a bad thing!

    I think its good they are acting on all the bad reviews of late however, and have no problem leaving a review on TA, and will leave an honest one regardless of if I received a comment card or not.

    Popped into ATH and Splash in the night. ATH was pretty quiet in terms of entertainment, while the kids disco and singer was in full effect in Splash. Needless to say we didn’t stay there long!

    Up early the next day and into the park. Monorail queue was huge by 9.30am so we walked it. Walked past Wickerman and 10:20 and the queue was 70 minutes already. Lots of school trips today. Ride count was low mainly due to having the 6 year old in tow, but he had a good day regardless, focusing on Duel, Driving School etc both of which had a queue, which is pretty unheard of most of the time.

    Rained most of the morning which made the day a bit more miserable. Ate in Woodcutters, food and service was very good.

    We left and headed back to the B&B about 7pm. Had a table booked for secret garden but decided to cancel it and we did our own food at the B&B sat outside in the now sunny weather. Was much more pleasant.

    Sunday, we headed back into the park and this time went straight to Wickerman at 10am which was at a 60 minute queue. It turned out to be 45 and this was the first big rollercoaster for the little one who was now proudly showing off his “I’m 1.2m wristband”. Had a great ride on it and he loved it. Thirteen was next which was having tech problems on and off while in the queue. 35 minutes later and we were on it. He loved it again, especially the drop and backwards bit.

    Took him into Hex which he liked and was really interested in the storyline. Bit of battle galleons followed by a superb chicken wrap from what used to be the pasty place by the Welcome-Inn. Smoke was on for Oblivion and Nemesis was running great.

    Left at 2pm and went for a game of Adventure Golf. Nothing has changed here and the place does now look a bit shabby. Rides which no longer exist, broken props, missing props, and paint which was worn off, while the stream that ran through it is dried up and full of weeds. Pity, as it is quite popular, and could do with a bit of work now.

    Noticed people doing Treetop Quest as we left. Looking forward to doing this again.

    Overall we had a great weekend. The nice accommodation really helped and it was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the hotels for the weekend. The people who hadn’t been before really enjoyed it and are looking forward to going up for Scarefest. Their only comment about the park was while queuing to get in at the entrance which was why do they not have a shop at the entrance, selling things like poncho’s and snacks (as it was raining while we were queuing).

    Another thing I noticed was the exit from the hotel car parks was now manned all afternoon and checking for parking tickets/passes. Never used to be.

    Despite the signs of wear and tear here and there, and the dirty monorail, we did have a great 2 days, the staff were very good, just a pity about all the school trips and the queues.
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    Posted 8th Jul 2019
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    Chained Oak is great. We stay in the cabin by the little lake every time now. Liz is a great host and makes a delicious breakfast too.
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    Posted 12th Jul 2019

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