Trip Report : Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd July

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    Arrived at our lovely B&B (The Warren) on the Friday. Having stayed there before on many occasions the owner likes to bake us cakes and have a chat about Towers! Shes had a few high profile people stay at her B&B to do with Towers so its quite interesting to chat to her.

    Anyway, had a wander over to the park (was 7pm) and into Rollercoaster Restaurant for dinner. Was actually pretty quiet in there for a Friday night. Still the usual stale smell from the stuff they use to wipe down the tables though. Amazingly the food order came correctly, no problems, although one drink did take an eternity to arrive. I opted for the burger which was luke warm, and the burger was more like a ham burger, definitely not a beef burger.

    Walked over to ATH to watch the evening entertainment. Now usually I am quite critical of this, but, they had a new routine, and it was really good. Was the first time in years I have seen people apart from kids dancing around the ship! Chants for an Encore at the end of it also something ive not heard for a long time. Had a great buzz in the hotel.

    Next day (Saturday) up early for ERT and straight on to Nemmie and Oblivion. Minimal queues all day which surprised us given it was a Saturday, with the longest queue being for Rita at 30 minutes. Hex was fab, the volume was on maximum I think in the pre-show! Even the weather behaved, and Galactica opened! VR was back working again, though, a few of us didnt bother with it, and those that did said the graphics were a bit better and you could now get a full 360 view of the landscapes.

    Nice to see some outlets which are usually closed back open again and not too many wasps either. However, the biggest complaint has to be the Rapids. They have WRECKED it. 4/5 staff on the turntable, stop, start, stop, start, speed up, speed down, announcements every 30 seconds, the water level is definitely lower and due to effects being turned off, the boat spun around like crazy. Most of the wave machines are turned off, the waterfalls are still off...... to be honest, it was absolutely a waste of time.

    One member of staff said it will be put back to normal in the future but they have to run it like this while the effects of the Drayton Manor accident are still fresh in peoples heads. Lunch was again in the RCR, and, this time it was much busier and the food orders, ,as to be expected, messed up.

    4 of us had our meals very quickly, 1 person waited 30 minutes, and longer while the third member of staff we asked had to go up and actually get their meal for them. Table next to us walked out and 2 seconds later their food arrived, it was just a shambles.

    Dinner was over in the Crooked Spoon. Now, in the past I didnt like it in here, but Alton have listened to feedback and acted on it. Its now table service for drinks and ordering food which is much better. The food was actually very good as well. At 7.30ish a female vocalist arrived and was singing, bless her though as the volume of people talking in that place is so loud. However, by the end of the evening we joined in singing Ed Sheeran with her, and most of the restaurant also joined in which was fab.

    Evening then back over in ATH to watch the show. Another new routine and this I have to say was the best show I have seen from Towers for a long time. The place was rocking. Again, people up dancing and 3 encores from the audience. It was like old times in there, so well done the Scott Sisters and Eric. Like I said, I know I have been critical in the past, but, Friday and Saturday shows were superb.

    Next day we opted to do the spa instead of the waterpark to check out what changes have happened in there..... answer is, well, its not very nice in there now! Lots of natural light has been lost, the lack of the windows at the rear by the whirlpool and the conservatory really makes the place feel much smaller and darker. The spa itself hasnt had any refurb, same old tatty bits here and there. Such a pity. However, a girl working there did mention they are building a patio area to the other side of the spa (CBeebies side) and a new conservatory ready for next year.

    Had a quick glance over at CBeebies hotel, obviously not inside, looked very quiet! I think most of the kids were over in ATH enjoying the shows.

    Overall, was a fab weekend, little to complain about actually, had a good time and looking forward to Scarefest!
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    Glad to hear you had a nice time! :)
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