Trip Report Monday 29th of October

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    too far from paradise (alton towers).
    Great day on park and my first ever scarefest! The general atmosphere around towers street was amazing and there were ROAMING CLOWNS! Didn't do any scaremazes but next year i think i will do one ( If CoS is still there, that will be my first choice! ). Just a quick report of my day.

    To start with, as i have said, the atmosphere around towers street was amazing. Halloween decorations, scarecrows, the lot. As i walked a bit further a CoS mime had her photo taken with us which was quite amusing. But to make it better, there were two clowns riding Heave Ho which has to be seen to be belived. When we tried to get a picture, they honked at us with their horns and started saying ''Nasty lady taking pictures of us!'' which i found hilarious. A bit later on a very creepy clown with a baby mask and stilts came up to us whilst we were having our faces turned into skeletons. We had a conversation with him but because he had to stay in character this was hilarious! Probably one of the highlights of my day. A bit further on (forbidden valley area) all this began to disappear which was disappointing.

    Ride wise, i did ten but i did go at a slower pace than i normally go at so maybe that was why. If you want to know i did: runaway mine train, air, nemesis , oblivion , ice age 4d (amazing!), duel , rapids , rapids again , nemesis again and air again. The last three were amazing in the dark! The queues were mental but what was to be expected? Genuinely brilliant.

    For lunch we went to Explorers which was okay and very filling and we had waffles later on (yum!).

    Overall a great day and i cannot wait till next year for SW7! Got my mug now, ahead of the trend (lol).
    Posted 30th Oct 2012

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