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    Went up to Towers for the day Saturday just gone. Parked the car at 8:45 but the queue for the monorail was already back past Mini Golf. The "moo-norail" was stopped half way along the track up near Galactica for a while so not sure if there was some fault. Anyway, decided to walk it. Good to see the paths have now been tarmac'd and new fences to protect pedestrians put up along the route.

    First impressions when I arrived at the entrance was how horrendous the cattle pen looked to collect tickets. Looks awful and not a good first impression to a visitor to the park. Surely they can put some of their colourful banners over the bare fences? Anyway, having an AP we didn't queue long and got in very quickly. A few others in our group didnt have ERT so in the meanwhile those that did headed straight over to Wickerman.

    It was open for 9:30 and the queue was around 30 minutes. Just 10 minutes after we got there, the remainder of our group arrived so they were not holding people back who didnt have ERT. Wickerman first thing was on row 4, and I was very surprised how much quicker the ride was compared to March when it first opened. The area still looks great, big Bob looked fab although no fire effects, though, it didnt bother me too much, the smoke made up for it.

    Next up was Duel. Enjoyed it a bit more than in March, not sure why as I dont think much more has been done to it. Parts of it still need work and its still too bright in certain scenes. I had more time to watch the new "paintings" however and enjoyed these. 2 trains were in use, one without the wheel covers.

    Nemesis was next, 5 minute queue and running great as ever. The restraints are looking incredibly tatty however. Galactica followed, which again was just 5 minutes. 2 station operation and last 2 rows were for VR. Not surprisingly, not many people were bothering with the VR. Does make me wonder what they will do in a few years once the VR novelty has totally worn off.

    Had lunch in the RCR, which was actually very very good. I also ate in here the previous evening for dinner which was also very good. Food standards have certainly improved over the past year or so, and I love the new lighting on the tracks which light up whenever an order comes down that track. (I think its new, it might not be however lol).

    Headed over the Congo Rapids after lunch, 30 minute queue as the sun was now shining. Unfortunately, all fun has now gone out of this ride without the waterfalls and waterguns in use. Ok so someone died on another ride, but, that person disobeyed the rules and stood up, and in all the years of CRR in operation, there has never been an injury, so its unfortunately a case of H&S over load again - although, given AT's precarious situation after the Smiler incident, I guess the last thing the park needs is someone getting so much as even a minor bruise on a ride.

    Went back on Wickerman with our group having a fastpass (offer with a season pass). Queue was 2 hours but we waited 20 with the fastpass. Got further towards the back this time and OMG it was insane. We were being flung side to side, some nice pops of airtime now, it was like a crazy beast. The ride has changed so so much since it opened, and speaking to one of the ride ops, apparently it has been recorded to be around 2 seconds faster now than when it opened! Was on a 2 train operation and didn't seem to have much downtime during the day.

    Headed over to Hex. Pre-shows were fine but the ride was a bit of a let down. Hardly any lights were working, and we experienced the ride mostly in the dark! No strobes, no red lights in the eyes, and the music seemed a bit too quiet. Was a disappointment.

    Rita next with a 50 minute queue in the glaring sun. Would be good if a canopy could be erected over the cattlepen area to offer some shade, its incredibly hot waiting in this area! Didn't bother with 13 as the queue was also 50 minutes and by now we needed an ice cream from the van outside Hex.

    Oblivion followed and was running great, even the mist was on in the hole. It was now coming up to 5.30 and ride close was 6pm so some of the group went on the Smiler, some went for a wander around the gardens and myself and a few others went to Wickerman.

    Unfortunately for myself, Wickerman was a 90 minute queue but had just closed due to a tech problem so we decided to leave it and head back to the hotel for a drink in ATH gardens in the sunshine before heading to Crooked Spoon for dinner.

    All in all it was a very good day, we could have done more rides if we wanted but took it easy around the park and didnt rush. The park seemed to be running well without the staggered openings, and looked tidy. The new ride queue times on each ride entrance were a welcome new addition.

    Only thing I would say could have been improved was the road down to the hotels, its horrendous. Considering people are paying a small fortune to stay in them, a bit of tarmac to resurface the road particularly down past Tree Tops wouldnt go amiss.

    Great day though.
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    Posted 5th Jun 2018
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    ^ This. On every visit I drive down to the hotels and I always expect it to be resurfaced, but it never is... it really is shocking considering the cost of staying on resort. First impressions are really important and that drive to the hotel suggests that Alton Towers don't really care, especially as it's been like this for many years.
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