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    This visit to Alton Towers started on a downer then improved later on in the day.
    So I entered the park and headed to the skyride to go on Nemesis, the skyride was down until noon. I then walked all the way up to Nemesis to find that ride was shut (before anyone asks, I arrived at the park before 10am so I couldn't check if Nemesis was open on the app). I then went to Galactica, it was down and the nearest open ride was Wicker Man. I got on the first train on Nemesis when it opened but Galactica stayed shut so I went all the way back down to Wicker Man which broke down when I was outside the baggage hold, the pre-recorded broken-down announcements were getting annoying. Got on the ride eventually then noticed that Galactica was open so went back up there did that and ate with the rest of the family at the Rollercoaster Restaurant. We realised that my brother had only done one ride because he didn't like rollercoasters, all his favourite rides were at Cbeebies Land. I then went on Th13teen - it broke down whilst I was queuing. I then did the Alton Towers Dungeon which was very good and very funny, I got chosen to be tortured and I said thank you to the torturer afterwards. Then went on the Octonauts to please my brother, the first rollercoaster I went on that didn't break down! Then went down to Mutiny Bay to try Darkest Depths - My Brother tried it and found it too scary, I didn't get the attraction, I couldn't follow the story. Afterwards I got rides on the Smiler and Oblivion which didn't break down then my Brother chose all the rides for the next three hours: Octonauts, In The Night Garden, Postman Pat, Go Jetters, Runaway Mine Train, Duel then we ate at the Pizza Pasta Buffet. My Brother then decided to go back to the car and play on his Nintendo. I then went on Spinball Whizzer which broke down when I was first in line, then got a night ride on the Smiler which was incredible. Noticed that there was about 30 mins left so did Hex in a group of four people which made the ride a little scarier, (had a chat with the ride host while waiting for more people, she thinks that Frog Hopper will go while Gallopers and the Driving School will be rethemed. Got a ride on Enterprise which did seem like it would pack up soon. At 9pm, I thought it would be time to go home but the Oblivion operator gave me a ride on the last train of the day.
    A few points for Alton Towers in my opinion:
    Skyride should open at 10 not 12
    Family rides should be distributed around the park evenly so families with different ages can all get on their rides.
    Nemesis and Galactica should be ready to go at 10.
    Maintenance budget should be increased because ride reliability was terrible.
    Posted 31st Oct 2019

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