TS Pin Badges


TS Administrator
Good evening all!

As promised way back in June, TS pin badges are on their way!

Based on the square 'TS' avatar as seen on our Facebook page, the pin badges will be 25mm x 25mm in size, have a thin coating of protective plastic over the top to cover the soft enamel, and will have a butterfly clasp to the back. The metal of the badge will be gold in colour, and this gold will be used for the edging and the 'S'.

  • There will be 50 badges available, and these will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
  • Each badge will be priced at £2.50, with an additional postage cost for those who require it.
  • Badges *should* be ready for collection at Opening Meet on 22nd March :)
  • I will need all interested parties to please post in this topic initially, with the quantities required (2 badges max, but this may need to be reviewed depending on availability), and whether collecting at the meet or requiring postage
  • For those wanting their badge by post, I will be setting up a Paypal system for payments, but I will not be able to organise processing of your order until after the opening meet
  • For those collecting at Opening Meet (or later in the year), EXACT CHANGE ONLY PLEASE!! I will accept any form of coinage (excepting pennies, tuppence and five-pence) but it must be exact. *snaps fingers* I DON'T DO NO NOTES, FOOL! I'm like council parking machines - no change given ;)
  • More information will become available closer to delivery time...

If the badges prove popular then there is a very good chance that more will be ordered to fulfill demand, so don't worry if you miss out this time around!

I will personally be dealing with the handling of everyone's orders and subsequent packaging, so any queries can come straight to myself :).

Just FYI... I'm quite excited myself ;)!!


TS Member
I was hoping this would happen again!

I'd like two please Saz, if that's possible. I won't be at opening meet though, so they'd need to be posted to me I'm afraid! Obviously let me know how much that will be extra.

Yay! :)


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I would like one, however it look like it going to be via postal service.


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1 please, and at opening meet if I manage to join you guys. If not it will be at another meet in the year if one is fine with that!


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Hi Saz,

I'd like two please if possible - not at Opening but can pay/collect on the Junket trip or can receive by post - not fussed either way :D



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2 for me please :)

I doubt I'll be at the opening meet so I'll be another poster (unless I can ask someone to pick them up for me, will confirm later).

I still keep my old TT ones on me whenever I'm at a park. Will be good to have a new up to date pair.


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If possible I'd like two please!

I'll be able to collect at opening meet. Thanks for this Saz!



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I would like to have 1 please!
but I dont know when I'll be able to collect it.