TS Rollercoaster Restaurant Meet: 13-15 May 2016


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Due to university commitments I will be withdrawing from the rollercoaster resturant meet. I'll be on park with you guys on the Saturday and Possibly sunday.


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Bit last minute(ish);), but just wondering if there are a couple of spaces for myself & Dave for Rollercoaster Restaurant on Friday evening? Have just booked a room in Splash. :)


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I want to attend this but cannot justify paying £36 online. Does anyone know if there are any half price vouchers floating about?


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Going back to my semi-usual unorganised tendencies, is anybody else still in need of accommodation?


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I am also on resort on Friday night in a lodge, which I'm really looking forward to. First stay in the Enchanted Village and my first stay on resort in over 18 months! Can't wait.

Looking forward to a day on park on Saturday too :D

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Not long to go now! I noticed last week we've not had an updated list of attendees for the meal, so I've been working on where the spaces are and if people need to amend their bookings. So far I've got the following people attending. I apologise in advance for tagging everyone en masse, but if you're coming - please confirm you're attending as soon as possible. There's a lot of us going, but I don't want to see us as a site wasting table spaces for others who could make it.

Also, if you're not on the list, please let me know as soon as possible so we can allocate a space for you. We're literally only filling spaces at the moment, so the table you're on doesn't matter for the moment, we can jig that around later :)

Table 1
STATUS : Booked 19:30
Booked By: Kieron
1. Craig (Confirmed)
2. AstroDan (Confirmed)
3. djtruefitt (Confirmed)
5. RussellH (Confirmed)
5. Sam (Confirmed)
6. Russ (Confirmed)
7. Rob (Confirmed)
8. badger (Confirmed)

Table 2
STATUS: Booked 19:30
Booked by: Dean
1. ZeldaAlton (Confirmed)
2. ZeldaAlton +1 (Becca) (Confirmed)
3. Mike (Confirmed)
4. Kimberley (Confirmed)
5. IanB (Confirmed)
6. mobius91 (Confirmed)
7. John (Confirmed)
8. Danny (Confirmed)

Table 3
STATUS: Booked (19:45)
Booked by: Cheese
1. Jonathan (Confirmed)
2. pritchardavid (Confirmed)
3. Martin (Confirmed)
4. Vik (Confirmed)
5. Cheese (Confirmed)
6. Connie (Confirmed)
7. Dean (Confirmed)

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Hi @Craig, thanks updating the above list.
I can confirm myself and my plus 1 (my friend Becca) will be attending .
Really looking forward to a few days at Alton & eating at the restaurant

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