TST Pub Quiz: Sat 4th April 2020


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Yes, I've tried that. I've reactivated an old email account and used that so it's now as simple as registering a new account as it thought my current email account was already in use. I am not receiving the verification emails, pressed the resend button repeatedly and nothing, so can't do any more than view the chat.


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Well that was a thing! Thanks to all that played - hope you enjoyed it. Please post any feedback you have in this thread so that if we do another (and we're for some reason being encouraged to, no idea why!), then we'll definitely take them on board. :)

The recording will be uploaded at some point next week for anyone that missed out. And here's the scores for you to try and beat! Sorry not all the tags seem to be working.

1. Slaw & Order (@AstroDan , Vez and @Craig): 213
2. Quiz all over your face (@Ellie & @Josh): 190
3. Wrightwater Valley (@Danny): 186
=4. Fromage (@Cheese)/Team BS (@Sammy and @Ben ): 185
5. @Martin: 162
6. The Three Mouseketeers (@Rob, @Sazzle and @Russell): 160
7. Die Baren (@Dar and Josh): 142
8. @djtruefitt: 134
=9. Parent Swap 4 Lyfe (@Tuggerz and Amber)/Tentin Quarantino (@Kelpie, @DiogoJ42 and DJ Flipflop): 133
10. @JAMMYD778: 125
11. Team Corkbrew (@Tentaclaws and @ReneBlade Master): 117
12. Bendolinos (@Jonathan, @Mike and @Poisson): 114
=13. @Thameslink Rail/Matty And His Minion (@MattyH): 110
14. Th13teen Fan Girls (Beth and @evilcod): 94
15. Pendery Sisters (Rebecca and Mollie): 90
16. @ThisGuy: 45

Thanks again!
@Rowe and Tom
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Firstly, I want to say the BIGGEST thank you to both Rowe & Burbs - what a night!

I had no idea what to expect, and I have been so pleasantly surprised! Russell, Rob & I felt thoroughly challenged on our theme park and coaster knowledge, and enjoyed the bizarre aspect of having to conference call answers! Social distancing is definitely the weirdest thing to happen in my 32 years of life.

As I mentioned, there would only be a few things to improve on:
- The scoring system. My gosh. I can’t even. Hilarious as it was to figure out whether we’d gotten 5, 3 or balls all, it would be easier to do 1 and then half or zero :p.
- Some sort of hold music between rounds, whilst you do checking etc (and do whatever you need to do behind the scenes!). Appreciate your response earlier re: tech difficulties, but it was a bit odd having my living room silent for an extended time!
- Workaround for Apple users re: sound clips. Maybe need to think about Vimeo or similar to stream files when direct linked?

I think that was about it.

You have both done such a tremendous job tonight, so THANK YOU!! I don’t underestimate the effort that went into preparing this with research (though for Christ’ sake... EIGHTEEN YEARS), scripting and rehearsing, so I’m not sure “thank you” covers it. You are owed beeros aplenty :).

Enjoy a tipple of your choice and a well deserved pat on the back!


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Thank you so so much @Burbs and @Rowe! At a time when none of us are able to see each other, you brought us all together for an evening of fun which I am ever so grateful for! Sure there were a few hiccups but that's to be expected and is all part of the fun.

I really hope we can do something like this again in the future!


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Well i'd like to say a big thanks to Sky Broadband for deciding that i didn't need internet on a saturday evening. Sounds like i missed a cracking quiz. fingers crossed i can make the next one


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I had SO much fun doing this tonight.

I've not been properly part of the community for a long time (life, eh) but I guess geekiness never goes away. Welcomed back and had a great laugh, I hope you could see how much fun people were having.

Well done and thanks to Burbs and Rowe.

To echo other feedback for next time, simple yes/no 1/0point scoring. Music between. Big love to you both for tonight.


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I'll jump on the thanks bandwagon and extend a hearty thumbs up to Rowe and Tom.

I especially loved how it started as a clearly scripted piece, compete with "Eurovison-presenter-reading-from-autocue-for-the-first-time" vibe.... Then naturally progressed in to chaos. ;)


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WOW. What a mad night, ey? :screamcat:

Thank you all for participating/intending to participate, the kind words (especially after the deep rinsings we got) and feedback. It's greatly appreciated and reassuring that everyone had a fun time with us, albeit stressful but we have to replicate the coaster adrenaline rush somehow! And it went as bad as it went well for Burbs' and I's first co-quiz mastering! :sweatsmile:

As Burbs said, we had recorded the ensuing chaos and it will be available for anyone who missed out to play along with.

As for running a second edition, we'll have to wait and see, won't we? Just give us a rest first! :wink:


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Great fun, really appreciate the effort you put in, would love to do it again. And the "temporary delays" just added to the charm. Thanks to the both of you, and everyone who took park.