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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GaryH, 12th Aug 2013.

  1. GaryH

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    BBC FOUR programme on NOW about Pugin. May not have much about alton but just sure i saw a picture of part of the towers.... started 11pm finishes 12am
    Posted 12th Aug 2013
  2. BarryZola

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    Yeah, really good programme this is. I think they put it on around a year or so ago on another BBC channel. I'm watching it again now about half way through after you mentioned it's on again ;)

    I liked the fact that you could see how some of his principles carried over into the work he did at the Towers (not that they mention AT much if I remember right?).

    There has also been another programme that was on a year or 2 before this that was also very good. It was a Time Team special called: Pugin - God of Gothic. That's well worth a watch too. I'll stick a link up if I find one for the latter but I'm guessing it might be expired by now.
    Posted 12th Aug 2013

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