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    So this morning a friend of mine decided we were going to BPB so off we went.

    First let me preface and say apart from the incredibly slow single train ops on Big One, the ride ops today were on point, all staff were friendly and smiling.

    From a Covid19 stand point, the trains were all wiped down every hour. Probably not doing much but it was nice to see some proactivity. There were high alcohol hand sanitizers at all bathrooms but didn’t see any on ride exits.

    Anyhow, for my first trip to BPB I was very impressed, it’s always been a park I’ve somewhat pushed to the wayside but today’s completely changed my opinion on it.

    Started with Avalanche. First Bobsled, and surprising forceful. I didn’t take a train count but I think it was on two. But may be wrong. Good laugh and as I said surprisingly forceful in the bottom helix. 7/10.

    Next up was Revolution. Ended up reriding later in the afternoon, a fair bit of airtime down the first drop forwards and a forceful entrance to the loop. Backwards was even better though guessing where the drop was. Much prefer it backwards. Ops were fast and friendly. 6/10

    Icon, now I’ll do two short ones for ICON as got two rides in, one very back row and one very front. Back row first. Although I think what everyone says about it being a slow Mack launch is totally correct. It’s an absolute stunner of a layout. Has taken the spot of second favourite coaster in the country. Very quick transitions. The first hill offers some great airtime, the corkscrew is truly something else with its slow roll through and the lap bars as long as you don’t get stapled. Second half definitely feels faster and that Immelmann after the launch is great fun. Overall to me it’s second only to Nemesis at ATR and my favourite launched coaster. Was also on two train ops all day. 9/10

    Next was the launches drop tower. Now I’m not a fan of flat rides, especially spiny ones. But drop towers, I like drop towers. And launched drop towers are damn awesome.

    Food at BK, poor stuff were utterly overwhelmed but was typical BK niceness.

    Passed on the red arrows flat ride but my mate didn’t and he got locked into flipping that thing. Must of done 35 flips. Interesting way to mix a bacon double cheese and coke but hey. Whatever floats your boat. 7/10 for viewing pleasure.

    Next was a run on Big One. First hyper lasted and front row ride. Ops were slow and miserable. First drop is a hell of a feeling especially on the front row. Can’t see anything till your half way down it and plenty forceful at the bottom. Unfortunately the rest of the ride lacked airtime and forces, but was a great fun ride over all. You can clearly see pieces that have been retracked and they feel very quick and smooth compared to the rest of the track.

    Another run on Revolution (2/2). Same as before, fast friendly ops and got front row. Much better ride experience then centre/rear. Backwards is still better though! 7/10

    Icon front row. It’s a totally different ride. The launch into the fog was incredible as you rise over that first hill. Seeing the track come speeding past as you go makes it feel much faster then it may be. The second drop into the fog after the cork is totally blind from the front row and truly pelts you down and into that Immelmann, giving you some glorious hang time as you crest it. Biggest difference is changes in airtime and being pushed by the train rather then pulled and the view. Overall another fantastic ride.

    Next up was ghost train, really like the themeing although some of it was totally random, like skeletons just riding in a circle?? What’s up with that BPB, and the child? That was a bit twisted. Was definetely a good laugh though, and shows that even basic rides can be themed fairly well. The London Underground but was very immersive.

    River Caves, for some reason we decided a water ride today was a good idea. Another very well themed ride, and dark rides are definetely something I’m enjoying more and more. Surprisingly got quite damp down the little drop too.

    Grand National, rear seat rear car. Great airtime but my god was that rough, almost to rough. Not like “oh yay woody rough” as in, my god I need a chiropractor rough. 5/10

    Big Dipper, single train, twin lift hill was interesting and again lots of airtime as expected from an old woody and not as rough as GN, although the first drop did jar my neck a little. Would reride if I had the time though unlike GN. 6/10.

    Overall a good day, very impressed with BPB staff and ops and glad to have a bunch of new coasters experienced.

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