What could be done to make Christmas at Towers better?

Discussion in 'Future Discussion' started by The theme park geek, 9th Nov 2017.

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    Towers just need a budget given to them. I can't believe we've gone backwards from 2015 day guest tickets to a hotel guest only event. The resort needs money to flourish and create a decent Christmas event open to all.

    A few weeks ago it was single figure temperatures in Salou...PortAventura remains fully open (except water rides and waterpark) for its Christmas season. Towers could easily put on a reduced offering of rides with a bigger focus on shows and entertainment along with Golf, Cariba Creek and Treetop Quest. They could get an ice skating rink, an immersive winter wonderland area and develop something unique to bring in the crowds...but no, we have a poor show from the UK's "leading" entertainment operator.

    I just wish Alton was given a chance to really put on a magical Christmas event and push towards that 365 days dream.
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    They won't, because if they do, then they can't use the "people don't like shows" excuse anymore...

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