What ride types would make up your ultimate one-two punch?

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Mako (SeaWorld Orlando)
Hi guys. Often when looking at parks to visit, we enthusiasts are drawn in by parks with a really good one-two punch of attractions. Whether that is two coasters, or a coaster and a dark ride, or two dark rides or whatever depends on the park, but having a good one-two punch at the top end of its attraction lineup can really make a park appealing. Hyperion and Zadra, Steel Vengeance and Maverick, and VelociCoaster and Hagrid’s are some notable examples of renowned one-two punches, but any one-two punch of solid quality can make a park intrinsically more appealing. So my question to you today is; if you could pick two ride types to make up your ultimate one-two punch, what would they be? And I’d be keen to know; has your chosen duo come from the one-two punch of a real theme park giving you inspiration? Or are they simply two ride types you think would work well together?

I’ll get the ball rolling with my answer.

Personally, I’m going to go for a slightly unusual answer compared to what I sense most will pick. I’m going to pick a B&M Hyper Coaster and a GCI Wooden Coaster. Now I can sense you might be wondering “Where’s the RMC or multi-launch coaster? B&M Hypers and GCIs are boring as sin; why have you chosen those?”. Well, I happen to like both of these ride types a lot more than your average enthusiast (both B&M Hypers I’ve done are in my top 3, and both GCIs I’ve done are in my top 5), as I personally value fun, comfort and rerideability in a ride rather than out and out intensity, and I think these two ride types provide fun and rerideability in absolute droves! They’re also completely different styles of ride, so complement each other nicely; B&M hypers are elegant coasters, with a phenomenal sense of raw speed and huge sustained airtime, while GCI woodies are more erratic rides, with lots of quick pops of airtime and really fast pacing!

Also, I was very much inspired by Europa Park’s epic one two punch of Silver Star and Wodan. Both of these rides are in my top 3, and I always thoroughly enjoyed reriding the both of them at the end of a day at Europa Park. For pure fun factor, I don’t think you can get much better than a B&M Hyper and a GCI woodie, and I would likely have been quite content spending an entire day continuously hopping between Silver Star and Wodan! Europa Park’s Silver Star-Wodan duo is my favourite one-two punch of attractions from any theme park I’ve ever visited by some distance; those two are both truly epic rides!

But what ride types would make up your ultimate one-two punch?

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The Smiler
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Ugh, I should know those acronyms by now, thanks Rob!


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Intamin Blitz and a RMC hyper I-Box. I think these are the best two coaster types that are being built currently.


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Iron Gwazi
Of what I've ridden, Novgorod and Karnan at Hansa Park, and Blue Fire and Wodan at Europa-Park are great 1-2s that are actually really near to each other.


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If we include flat rides in this then think Balder and Loke are a brilliant one-two punch at Liseberg. Visually they look stunning together and I love the idea of hitting a fantastic wooden coaster and then going straight on to a phenomenal flat ride that gives you the impression of swinging very close to the former.

I’d also suggest Taron and Talocan as another coaster and flat rides one-two punch though obviously they don’t have the same impact of being located together like Balder and Loke are.
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RMC and Intamin Bltiz would definitely be the dream for me.

I can see how so many people are referencing Steel Vengeance and Maverick. To me they both look sublime.

B&M hyper is another that would be great to consider in terms of rerideability as both of my choices may be too intense.