Which hotel has the best Spa facilities

Discussion in 'EuropaStreet Discussion' started by emmerse2891, 1st Oct 2020.

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    Despite being to Europa 3 times before, my latest trip was the first time I'd stayed onsite. One perk I was pleasantly surprised by was that you could use any Spa and pool facilities at any of the hotels, then I had the 'dilemma' of which was the best to use that opportunity!

    so out of interest - which in you're oppinion is the best Spa area on resort?
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    Posted 1st Oct 2020
  2. RicketyCricket

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    I've only been in the Spanish one, and in true German fashion - swim wear is not allowed! Bit weird at first but when in Rome and all that.

    The swimming area away from the Spa is lovely. Nice indoor/outdoor pool all in one.
    Posted 1st Oct 2020
  3. djtruefitt

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    I’ve only used the Bell rock and Colosseo spas. The bell rock one is massive and has a roof terrace, gym, etc. The colosseo one is much smaller but well themed compared to bell rock which isn’t really themed at all. The other food thing about the Colosseo one is it’s above the main pool so it’s easy to go between the two, the bell rock one is at the other end of the hotel, so unless you want to go through the hotel in a dressing gown.
    Posted 4th Oct 2020

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